What A Sexless Marriage Feels Like

I posted this link in another group last year, but thought it ideserved a place in ILIASM.  If you have already seen this, share it with your ILIASM friends.

This author says it better than anyone else.  Go to:

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5 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Most excellent article. The part about turning away from watching sex scenes on film stabbed me in the heart. I was half way through this article before I even realized it was written by a woman, but all of the points addressed are perfectly valid, regardless of gender. Thanks for posting this link.

Wow, thanks for posting that...I never saw it before. It sure does describe our situations well.

I have just read it - what an excellent blog and it so accurately describes our mutual situation.

It is a must read for all of us!

I remember when you posted this before, and YES, it's a great read.