How Bad Is It

She’s not around all day and its nice she calls on the phone and its nice to here her
You remember how it use to be when you couldn’t wait to see her
You wanted to here her voice wrap your arms around her feel her body against yours
You want to feel her lips on you’re the wetness of her Tongue the brightness in her eyes
You run your hands down her body and stop at her *** ummmmm sooo round you want to take her right their in the kitchen
So you cook dinner for her so she will appreciate you more and you don’t want her to be tired
You can’t wait to have her naked skin agents’ yours; it’s warm and soft and makes you feel good.
You want to explore every crevasse on her body with your tough you want to here her hear her moan as she thrusts her hips in to your face as you tease her ****
You want to see how many times you can take her ****** with your tongue before you enter her with you hard throbbing *****
Nope not the way it is any more
You make dinner
“Why did you make that”
You get the third degree about every thing in the house
As she is raising her voice you are raising yours
Then she starts in with its all your fault because you raised your voice
For some dumb *** reason I can feel when some one is unhappy
I here her come home I cringe because I know she will find stuff she doesn’t like
Theirs no talking to her she yells she ***** ***** *****
If you don’t respond your wrong if you do respond your wrong 
robin2967 robin2967
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6 Responses Jul 30, 2010

sorry I did the god thing and we ended in divorce when my back got hurt<br />
and now to shortly after I got married to this one<br />
I now am getting a new girl friend who is in the same boat I am <br />
but we don't want to leave our other because of what we have with our other <br />
mine is a 8year old sun

Keep the kid, dump the chick

I was her ***** donor thats what she told me <br />
I did my job and she got married to me so the boy would have his real father around <br />
I love my boy

Have started, stopped, deleted a response 4 times so far.<br />
<br />
What stage are you at robin ? There seems to be an edge of 'resignation' in your story. Have you got to "anger" yet, or are you waaay past that ?<br />
<br />
Have you tried the suggested "massage / candlelights / weekend away" stuff yet ? (Although it's pretty useless, it's valuable to try it as when it doesn't work it puts a line through a few things.)<br />
<br />
I'm loathe to say anything more lest I have misread your post.<br />
<br />
Suffice to say it looks like what YOU think is a problem is NOT a problem for HER. Under such circumstances it would seem the matter goes no-where until <br />
(a) she tells you what is bugging her <br />
(b) you tell her what is bugging you<br />
<br />
If you KNOW what is bugging her then the right of choice comes back to you. (You can choose to do what you can to address your role in her unhappiness. Or you can choose not to)<br />
If she knows what is bugging you, the right of choice falls to her (She can choose to do what she can to address her role in your unhappiness. Or she can choose not to)<br />
<br />
If you can get these issues out in the open, with you both 'owning' your part of this problem - which involves TWO (2) people - you might be able to move it forward.<br />
<br />
If you are just in a state of resignation about it, then it won't change.

I should just find some one who wants me to do all that for them

Wow--truthful images here...<br />
<br />
If you were to have the first part (the sex stuff) you could easier put up with the other nasty stuff: the yelling, the day to day living BS that is common. But without the sex--there is no connection. It's very subconcious in some ways.