This does not strike anyone as odd, that this group is one of the largest if not the largest group on this site?

So many people who have lost their sex drive, ever wonder if it has anything to do with all the chemicals and gmo's we ingest? Or has it always been this way? Is it a diet thing or a mental issue? Why is society so weird about sex?
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hello fello albertian
I myself think its about life 3 kids wife has forgot whrn they move out its only going to be be me here
I think of myself as i guess a backbencher never first in her mind or world
But the a typical man thing when something needs fixing wow im been treated nicely
So life with family hmmmmm kids i love wont leave untill the last one is in collage
I commmitted to smile treat her well and wait
It might sound crazy, i made my bed i am responcible for this family and i will be there
Haveing a women to stroke my hair hold my hand kiss me wow only a fond memery

I see it as the failure of the institution of marriage itself. People get married because that's what they're supposed to do, with absolutely unrealistic expectations of what they're getting into. Then they wonder why their partner isn't doing the things that they're supposed to be doing anymore, they get disappointed, they resent the other for being insufficient, so of course they don't want to make love. Non-acceptance is the complete opposite of love, and as long as people keep trying to force their expectations of the way things are supposed to be on the people they supposedly love, they will always miss the mark, and will always end up empty handed.

I think the increased openness in society is largely responsible, but I am also concerned for the effects of chemicals on our sexuality. There is considerable evidence that children (especially girls) are developing their secondary sex characteristics much earlier than even the previous generation . . . This suggests to me that there may well be environmental factors at play.

I know in my case it's my hubby's diet. He has been eating better and going to the gym and I have been getting it more often. Keep your fingers crossed for me lol

bvhmich, your psychic had better be damn good considering none of us are getting laid. Does she specialize in immaculate conceptions? Thanks for the laugh, though.

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