Is our 32nd wedding anniversary. I have loved him, hated him, (no I cant quite do that yet) laughed and cried with him and because of him. We have shared so much happiness, tragedy and adventures. Why can we not just share the truth as to why things are as they have become. Roommates and secrets, not what I would have thought we would be at this stage of our lives. I know it is my fate to determine, but I just can't yet. Just a ramble, a vent of sorts, Thanks everyone.
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I suppose it's just possible that he might have a profile in here? Secretly of course. :) hope you sort yourselves soon x

I know what you mean about "roommates and secrets"... My wife and I are trying to slowly extract ourselves from that "swamp"... and get our relationship to a place of greater transparency... more fun... deeper passion... and focused on our future together... :>)

For what it's worth, I believe that adapting to a circumstance is a reasonable strategy or solution. All the solution has to do is to 'better' the position. Solution(s) have a finite life. A change of circumstance requires a new solution.<br />
Seems like you have a solution at the moment and are in an ok place. That's good. Enjoy it. <br />
There'll be plenty of time to work out a solution to the next speed hump.

Bazzar, you are probably correct in the congrats. All of us started out here in a state of bliss of sorts, with luck it continued for many years. Althought we are here under common strife, each situation is very different in its complexities. After my little ramble, boo hoo, or pity party in the initial post, I have decided to be content at this point in time with what I do have and address the shortcommings at a later time. Is it wha I want ultimately, good grief no, but for now, I have more than many who are posting here so I should not be complaining. Guess this is the acceptance you speak of Baz, at least for now.

I was about to say 'congratulations' LL !!!!<br />
I guess not.<br />
<br />
You'd reckon, after 32 years a bit of honesty would be well in order. But, there you go eh.<br />
<br />
A wise woman once suggested to me, during a time of high drama in my life "You may never get the answers you seek from the other party. Acceptance is going to have to come from within you"<br />
<br />
It came. But it wasn't quick !!<br />
<br />
But it was good.