Don't Know What To Do!

I have been with my current boyfriend for 22 month's it was great from the start.. but it seemed to have gone down hill from there. i live in cocuitlum and he live's in burnaby, so it make's it hard to get out to burnaby since i have no car at the moment and neither does he. i have to baby sit and work alot of the time but latly i have had nothing but free time, i try to call and or text him but he alway's end's up ignoring my call's and text's.. his friend's and there girfriend's have told me they have seen him ignore them. Alot of the time he call's me and ask's me if i want to hang out for the next day, but when that day come's.. i never hear from him, this has happend quite a bit. he alway's want's to hang out with his friend's. When i am with him we have an amazing time we laugh and tease each other and he talk's to me about how much he want's to marry me when were older and have kid's and that we will be so happy and that he love's me so much. He has again been ignoring my call's and text's, and today he sent me a messege out of the blue saying i love you.. i have'nt replyed. I have talk to him soo many time's about this and how i feel and again and again he tell's me that he's sorry and that he love's me.. he change's for a couple day's.. but then he goes straight back to the way he was before, i do love him alot.. but i just don't know what to do anymore.
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Sweetheart, when they are 21 they always put their friends first. Trust me!!

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Honey, you are in the wrong forum here. You need to find an experience about boyfriends and make your comments there, OK? Try typing "boyfriend" into the Search option at the top of this page and see what experiences come up. I'm sure you'll find one that suits you. If not, start your own. . . .