The Financial Advantage?

The other day, I made an interesting discovery.
My SM has, over the years, saved me a lot of money.
How you ask? Let me list them out.
I have never had to 'waste' money on - 
- sexy lingerie
- birth control pills
- condoms
- romantic dinners
- romantic getaways
- Valentines, anniversary, birthday dinners
- flowers
So, over 14 years, I've saved a bundle!
Woohoo for SM. Anyone with financial problems should give this a try.
Darn it...
All the depression meds and therapy sessions are now draining that nest-egg.
You just CAN'T win in an SM, can you?????
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Right on N2T... To hell with 'em!

I once lost 400 bucks when my husband stood me up and did not go on a getaway I had planned. NEVER NEVER NEVER will I do that again. Like MMF My husband only notices the negative stuff.<br />
The hell with em!

Fundamental error in the monogamous culture : Man is created to have multiple wifes. He then can still love and care for the one sister-wife that is menopausal/depressed/have period/pregnant/too tired/ have headache.. . . . Monogamy is the root of all modern evil, because frustrated men fight/ get drunk/ make war/ beat their woman/rape/ get depressed/ use ***********/ peadophelia and pervertions . Man need sex, woman need security and companionship that she get from husband and sister-wifes. Once she bore children her sexual needs diminish. Husband still want some , so he can approach another sister-wife. The answer to aids : no more infidelity, keep it in the family. No more family fights , the women accept each other and the status quo suits them. Only requsite is : Man must have the means to support all this, and must be able to handle multiple mothers-in law MWUAHAHAHA

Well, I figured with all the oggling, we'd find at least one contender. We can always fight over VK.

@meerin & vector - SERIOUSLY... just oggling???? Can't we do better than that??? Or have we just forgotten what sex is? LOL<br />
@ fay - Where did you find this dream???? I could use one right about now!

Pipe down… you're bragging.<br />
<br />
I forget what good sex is! Really.<br />
I'd probably fail.

Vector? He's a Dr and 13 years my senior. He does all the finances in his home, his wife is clueless. He's helped me so much since I moved out of my home and my SM. He came along AFTER I'd moved out. He's helped me with so many bills and sent me to Europe this summer with my daughter for a week. He paid every dime of the trip. But the best of all?? THE SEX is amazing, for both of us.

****… if we're blowing the money in Tahiti… I don't want no stinking cabana boys.<br />
<br />
I want topless women who know how to play a good game of beach volleyball. Or at least just be able to stand there…on the beach… topless. It's simple. I'd even bring extra money to pay them to stand there topless. Or, I can just invite you women… I promise to be topless if you do.<br />
<br />
Actually, fay - I would be found out so fast if I were spending GOBS of money on a lover. It's good you have that. At least it sounds like he wants to - that's more than half the battle!

I know a SM is expensive for my married Lover. He's spent GOBS on me in the ten months!!

awesome post. I say we take the money, book tickets to Tahiti and spend the week oggling cabana boys.

@H - I'm all for the bail when they are in a coma. I want to hit him with it when he least expects it. My small revenge!

I agree smiling...I never really did it for her...maybe more of a reaction to her to work off some stress. I've come to realize that I'm addicted to working out and simply roll out of bed and do it daily. I'm not sure if its the endorphine rush that I get after a great workout or the way my 37 year old body is looking these days. But after a year of working off the stress in my marriage I certainly look differently and feel great! But as you mention lots of people around me have commented on my transformation mentally and physically but she hasn't said a thing.<br />
This brings up a theory of mine that I would like to share. When you fall in love with someone you "put blinders on" to all of their faults and you only see the positive things in their appearance, habits and personality. However, when you fall out of love the "blinders" come off and the microscope comes out. They can no longer see the positive things because they are so engrossed with seeing all the negative things and they dwell on them. This is what I belive happened to me. There's nothng wrong with me...its all about her perspective. Unfortunately, also believe that by the time she wakes up from her coma I may no longer be there waiting like some dog when its owner returns from work. The status quo is not acceptable and I'm no looser!

@ Hubby and STIT - As regards the working out... ditto. Have lost weight, look great, friends ALL commented on it but, the asexual H hasn't spared a glance in my direction.<br />
@ Vector - I think guys get the shorter end of the financial stick in this scenario!

On the flip-side, it's cost me me money.<br />
- I've bought sexy lingerie<br />
- set up romantic dinners<br />
- set up romantic getaways<br />
- never EVER forget Valentines, anniversary, birthday presents/dinners, etc. (I've even done things to commemorate the day we met, I asked her to marry me, etc. - still… NOTHING)<br />
- flowers<br />
- jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry<br />
- random gifts to say 'I'm thinking of you'<br />
- not to mention my time and what it is worth (evidently nothing)<br />
<br />
…and it could get even more expensive. What, with the prostitutes, ***** clubs, multiple girlfriends and their needs, and the huge costs to keep that all covered up… wait… no, that's too much trouble. Maybe I'll go right to the depression meds and therapy sessions. At least someone who still doesn't care will actually LISTEN to me in the sessions.

I think the ONLY smart thing I did in this marriage was not spend my money on all the frills. My situation now would be SO much more unpalatable if I had.

Glad to hear that you've saved money. As the husband of a woman who has evidently simply stopped being sexual. I look back at all the money that I have spent trying to find a connection that will evidently never be found.<br />
Had a vasectomy, bought lingerie (that still has the tags on), romantic dinners, gifts, cards, flowers, a 4 day cruise to Mexico. We're spending money on counceling and getting nowhere and now I'm working out 6 days a week in hopes that she might notice me since I'm back to the shape I was in as a freshman in college.<br />
None of this stuff has worked for me but suddenly I'm getting attention from other women and find my self long can I wait?