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You're right I am not Nice. (told me this morning that I was not nice)  

 I'm to demanding, I ask for to much, expect to much. To want a happy Marriage, to feel loved,to feel special,to feel cared for.   After all there are so many reason why I should be Nice, all the Kisses,the hugs, the affection you show me, makes me feel so important, so special.


The only thing in your life that gets less attention then me is the hamster. I can bring home flowers, I can bring home Victoria secret, I can rub your back at a party, rub your leg while watching a movie or driving in the car,tell you that you look Hot, and I'd get more of a response if I rub the wall or told the hamster he looked hot, makes me feel so special.....  


I feel I do my best to try and make things easier for you, never leave a dish to come home to, clean the house, do laundry, cook dinner, bath Jess(our daughter), grocery shop, O that's right these are things I like to do according to you(Sure) Sorry I'm not your Knight in Shinning Armour or the man of your dreams, but at one time I was your husband. Sorry that you resent me.  


But then again I have a wife who worries about all the important things, but never what's really important, her husband. Life is short, and sometimes people don't realize what they have till its too late.   Maybe, just maybe you married me because you felt you were getting old and time was running out. Maybe  you really never loved me and I just happened to be the guy you were dating at the time, lucky me.  


Its not about our sex life or lack there of ,I accept the fact that fooling around to you is like your Period, happens once a month and you hate it.  


I've spared you the pages and pages I've written, only giving you some for that you should be grateful.




We both work and live in a very nice neighborhood (homes sell for 1.5mil and up) She drives a brand new Lexus and has more Jewelry the any women could ever need, we are in our Forties 10 years married 13 years together. She has promised many times that she would try harded in the affection and fooling around area only to never follow thru, I gave up trying (begging) for sex. I gave her my Christmas list on Dec 9 only to ask for more affection(hugs,kisses and hand holding) to which she said "I can do that" well I'm still waiting, maybe that will be my Christmas present, but I highly doubt that, just another broken promise.


Hope everybody can enjoy the Holiday as much as me !!!!

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i say just leave the woman and found someone to like you for you. If you need a friend im here just hit my page. GOOD LUCK ..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I sent the e-mail, then proceeded with the typical long talk, things have been better. However I know from past talks the change might only be temporary, as people can only change themselves, we cannot change them as much as we would like to or want to, they have to want to change. Is the change in her attitude brought about because of getting what she wanted for Christmas or understanding our situation ?<br />
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Hyman,<br />
<br />
That has crossed my mind from a money stand point, but more from my daughters stand point. My parents divorced when I was 9 years old and I swore I would never do the same.<br />
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Milliance,<br />
<br />
No anger, just a realist. and NO if she unzipped my pants that would NOT change the situation or make me feel any better. Sex is only one symptom of a bigger problem<br />
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Happy New Year to all and to all Good Luck in finding Happiness !!!

you appear to be somewhat wealthy. i know wealth is relative. i presume you have tried all the usual cures to no avail. in your situation you are one of the few of us who could afford a mistress. you could also afford to support an ex-wife while you pursue an second mate. you have options that most of us don't have. i did not say that they were good options. none of us have good options. good luck

2lonely,<br />
You sound so angry. I understand how that anger can be but would you be open if she tried to make amends through some sex this season? Would be insult her or be openly ready for what she had to give. I only ask because you seem bitter about it but would you smile if she unzipped your pants and was lovely to you?

I wish you the best. I asked for the same thing for christmas and my birthday (Sunday). I have come to the point, that even if it has to be holiday/pity sex, I will take it. We will see if i get to wear my birthday suit for christmas.

Indeed you are not alone here, my friend. I hope you can work things out.<br />
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All the best. 007 is right, we all know your pain.

Excellent emai!!!!!<br />
<br />
I do hope you actually sent it to her. Just perhaps her heart will hear yours.

I understand each and every letter of this post...<br />
<br />
Did you send her a copy.<br />
<br />
Buddy, you are not alone... I hate to meet you like this, but know that we know how hellish your life is.<br />
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