An Update On My Situation

so i have been way tired of living this life and feeling so lonely. so tonight i asked one last time about counseling and of course he said no.  so i put it all out there. i said if you don't want me i wan to feel free to find someone who mite. and you will be free to find someone also. he claims again not to be wanting to do that bu the will be spending the whole weekend with another woman. he isn't the sharpest tack in the box. so i think she has ideas he isn't seeing yet. they are going to concerts with her son and mine. spending a lot of time together. in January we will re-evaluate the situation and see how we feel. we agree that raising our kids together is the most important thing and we really do get along well enough to do that. so i am staying married and in the same house but i may pursue other possibilities on my own! excited? ya terrified? HELL YES. any suggestions or thoughts? hit me am ready for it all!
i know this is all jumbled and mite not make sense but it is very fresh and i just needed to get it out!
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Darlin, seems you are done, almost done.. giving your H a last chance to come through and suggesting something that works for the rare rare person or couple. Well, good for you for putting it out there ... you have said your peace. Now what? The living together once the marriage is done sounds appealing, well it has been to me as well for lots of reasons (probably your reasons) but I have learned much from others experiences that it really doesn't play out that way. You don't feel free to do and be and create what you want ... and neither does your H. To truly move on, means someone has to move out.... Be good to yourself right now. Once you are clear on what you need to do, options surface, they do. Best - Y

no i understand i know what i am doing asking for comments, kinda the best part of this site. yes we will be just roommates till january. have been for a very long time anyway. yes i know it is dead, oddly enough i feel like i need him to acknowledge it is dead too. i know i shouldn't but i care about him. and i honestly feel sorry for him. i know what i want and need he has no idea. not sure how it will work out with other ppl but i just couldn't bring myself to have an out and out affair. and am beyond tired of feeling lonely and undesirable. maybe that would have been better and quicker,i know i am probably messing this all up but i don't know what to do. i cannot afford to live on my own so this is my way to survive for now. thanks for your well wishes! it's all good!

well i said bring it didn't i? well waking up i am doing the best i can for me in my situation. thank you for your comment anyway. <br />
bazzar - not sure how to take your comment but thank you for the last line anyway.

Concentrate on what ever level of parenting skills you have. Hopefully you'll do way better at that than matrimony.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.