World Of Warcraft Class Design Team Talks

 Lake Wintergrasp is a wow gold region locked in a constant battle between the Alliance and the Horde. Siege combat will buy cheap wow gold feature across the zone as you look to make use of a number of vehicles of war to gain the wow gold cheap World of cheap wow gold Warcraft money, including Flying machines and Goblin Shredders. Scattered around the zone are towers which when captured will grant you a bonus for a set amount of time. The main aim is to capture Wintergrasp Keep, once your faction is in control of Lake Wintergrasp, all instance bosses within Northrend will drop Spirit Shards which can be collected and cheap gold wow turned in wow gold cheap for wow gold eu World of Warcraft gold rewards. Killing opposing members of your faction will also yield Wintergrasp Marks of Honor, which will be redeemable through the honor system and various NPC’s. Throughout the zone, you will be able to utilize bridges as strategic choke points, destroying a bridge can put an end to any advancing Siege vehicles as they will not be able to travel through water, but may also minimize your defensive capabilities which would be improved by using the cheap wow gold as your siege weapons will then too not be able to move in that area. The Demolisher has both short and long range attacks. It is meant to bombard players and buildings from a long distance; it's also equipped with a ram to siege buildings. It can hold up to 3 passengers; passengers are exposed and can be targeted individually. However, players can cast while the vehicle is moving if they're in it. The catapult is faster than the demolisher but its range is slightly lower. It does slightly less damage and cannot hold any passenger. The Siege Engine This is the siege weapon with the longest range, the gunner is sitting in the turrent and has full control of the turret. The driver is only moving the vehicle, and the passengers in this vehicle are fully protected but can't shoot other enemies. It's also got a very powerful ramming attack Flying Machines can bomb enemies; they're swift but very vulnerable as the wow money to anti air attacks. Goblin Shredder The shredder is an anti air vehicle. It will use anti air rockets, they're long range homing missiles. This is a personal armor suit, if the vehicle is destroyed the player just jumps out and keep fighting on his own. You can use your sawblade as close range melee attacks. The shredder can jump into the air just like rocket boots for players. This can also be used to jump over walls. The shredder is very vulnerable to siege damage.

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ROFLMAO @ baz & enna! I like the idea of bonus-time - more time to please her...

Personally I like the Seige Engine with the very powerful ramming action . . . but then, no-one has ever called me subtle!

Now this is more like it !!!!<br />
I particularly like the "Nerd Grandmaster" feature, where-in one can endlessly debate who the best Captain of the Enterprise was whilst furiously twanging off. Bravo ! Brilliant !!