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Women would rather be thin than have sex.... Psychologist Cooper Lawerence did a poll that asked if people would give up sex if they could lose ten pounds ..or if it meant you would gain ten pounds if you continued to have sex. Many people agreed to give up sex! WTF???? Oh and guys...the poll included men. Seems there are anorexic men out there as well.
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Wow guys! thanks for reviving this post, I had forgotten about it. I do agree. I think the sample was somewhat skewed. And Wisi, I would take the 10lbs too! And I'm already 10 lbs overweight!

They never asked me - guess what my response would be..................................yup, keep the 10lbs and go for the sex everytime!

Polling Refusers does NOT count.<br />
Their statistical sample is skewed.

All statistics lie! But it is estimated that 30 minutes of sex related activity burns 85 calories. <br />
<br />
My wife weighed no more than 98 pounds from the time she was 13 until our first child was born when she was 28. Over the years since she has gained weight then lost, gained again. At one time she was as much as 50 pounds overweight. Now she has pretty much sustained a weight close to her medical "ideal". For me, throughout the years of weight gains/losses, it made no difference. It was like being with different woman. But I will tell you this, a woman that feels she is desired, makes a great partner. It's one thing for her husband to say so, it's another for her to get that affirmation from other men, makes her horny. <br />
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Of course, we plan on contiuing our personal weight loss program, 85 calories at a time. ;>

i have lost 30 since my marriage really went south but would take it all back and more just to have someone want me. but . . . i agree with lao- the weight could all be muscle getting the work outs! people need sex and touching and let them take that poll with this group!

Yeah, you know, poll results can be skewed to show anything they want them to. Bloody shrinks trying to thought-herd people, ugh!

He he he GS! Great point about Nutri-slim!! :)

ok, give over the 10lbs, I'll take it, now where's the sex???

I will end up ten lbs heavyer then

Now I know why I'm not thin - I would so prefer to have sex!

The superficial way society has gone ****'s me to tears. <br />
<br />
I truly despair at times. All we do is create more generations of unhappy people unable to aspire to the elusive image of "beauty" as defined by "society" - or rather, the advertising industry.<br />
<br />
Anyway, ILIASM's future is assured as this mindset of societies is a certainty to produce many many marriages based on superficial perceptions and not substance.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

What a mass generalization & a crock. Sure some people have body image issues that prevent them from feeling desirable & some spouses have some idealized vision of what a mate should look like. Real sex & intimacy should transcend the plus or minus 10-20 pounds, as GOOD sex is so much more than the actual act. It is a communion of souls. The stress of a marriage or life in general make some people seek comfort in food, others such as myself, not. GOOD sex is a calorie burner. Guess it comes down to communication between the partners & trying to be your best A: for yourself first & B: for your partner. Just my two cents.

…and there are other ways to get that new wardrobe… maybe one will come your way now that you've lost 39 lbs! No need to give up having it, but by all means… go ahead and 'give it up' to get it.

Hahaha, I was watching the same thing in the women's locker room at the gym this morning. I thought there were a lot of women that said No, no way, they wouldn't give up sex, they would give up just about anything to lose ten pounds but not sex.<br />
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Of course I have my opinion on this and won't voice it here. But I did get a kick out of the poll.

AC,<br />
<br />
I had a picture of a world network of refusers busily texting, skyping or calling each other to flood the poll just so they can cite this "study" when their spouses bring up the lack of sex.

Let me guess: All of the refusers were eagerly typing away at their text messaging gizmos so that they can flood the poll results??

Who the hell were they asking? Newlyweds? Single people? The people who think they could give up sex for a month or 2, drop 10 lbs. then magically just go back to boinking like monkeys?<br />
<br />
Just another stupid f-ing Oprah-esque, Dr. Phil moment in the life of a dumb polling place.<br />
<br />
What's next?<br />
Would you rather lose an inch off your **** or lose 10 lbs?<br />
Would you rather go from a drop 3 bra sizes or lose 10 lbs?<br />
<br />
I think if they actually didn't have sex long enough, the stress of it would put on 15. In the long-run they'd be worse off.

From a personal standpoint: I could lose 10 pounds. I want to lose 10 pounds. But give up sex to do it? NO! I will remain happily 10 pounds overweight and would gain another 10 if it meant I could continue to enjoy sex. Thank god for plus size stores! (and btw...some of the **** I've stumbled over? Seems to be a market out there for plus size ladies....just saying)

I could stand to gain some weight. Besides, the workout from all that sex could give you ten pounds of muscle, so what's the downside? Sign me up for the sex.