Wife,husband,and Now Lover

I have read with interest other peoples experiences here so i thought i would now tell you my story.
I have been married for 11 years,iam 37 and he is 41, the early years were fine and he had 2 children who are now aged 6 and 8.
After we had our youngest our sex life really did drop off to vertually non-existant and when we did it was usually a quick fumble and all over in a few minutes,to start with i put this down to the pressures of work and having a young family.
As time went on it started to really get me down and when i tried talking to him he made all sorts of excuses and dismissed it by saying he was too tired,the thing was that i was working too,i got a part time working for the police in the control room and even with the hours i was doing i was still keen to have sex with my husband.
Well all things changed about a year ago when one night after we had been out to a party and had both had a few drinks we were talking in bed when he suddenly blurted out that the thought of me with another man excited him!
Well to say i was shocked was a understatement,i was angry too,how could a husband want such a thing,hearing him say this my thoughts turned to fact that he might be having an affair,which he denied.
Well over the next few months he did bring the subject on several occasions and i could tell that he was keen for me to do this too him,we talked and when we talked i could see how all this excited him.
I found it hard to even be considering it but i must say that once you know that you have the freedom to look you do tend to look at other men in a diffrent way,iam attractive and can still turn heads even after having two children.
There was this younger guy at work,a traffic officer who was always chatting and flirting with me whenever he came into the office,i found him good looking and fun and i began flirting back to him,i eventually told my husband this and this did excite him no end and we did start having sex again but it was very quick.
My husband was literally begging me to take things further with this guy but i was apprehensive and found it a big step to take but we sat down and talked over a whole weekend on the whole subject and eventually i agreed.
That was nearly 5 months ago and now this younger guy is bedding me once sometimes twice a week at his flat and iam getting from him the best sex that i have ever had,as for my husband he is happy to be the cuckolded husband waiting at home.
We have sex on the odd occasion but he is happy for me to give him a hand job while i tell him a few details or he does it himself,he is also so attentive now that i have taken a lover.
Like to hear from others who are in a similar marriage.
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Well Frances is entitled to her opinion, no matter how narrow minded and puritanical. Perhaps she can share her credentials with us than qualify her as a counselor.

I am a 30 year old wife to a 32 year old man mommy to three children. I found it humiliating and degrading for him to ask this of me, however in reading all these posts it makes me feel somewhat better I didn't know that this was ok nor accepted so casually amongst other men. I thought there was something wrong on his part or that he didn't love me. Thank you for sharing your story it makes me feel much better.

I can't believe that I had not commented on this typical, but sweet account of a couple getting into a more fulfilling relationship for all involved. I'm sure your hubby was so much more loving, caring and considerate even if he was these things prior to your acceptance , it would be that much more intensified after. You, like said had never had better sex, which as a result means great sex for your lover. Satisfaction from your man and all the emotional support that hubby gives, your ego gets a boost as well from a younger man lusting after you. An all-round good reason for your choice. I'm sure a lot of other couples as well as perverts like me get a lot of pleasure from your accounts. <br />
<br />
Mwahhhhh thanks<br />
Thank you so much for posting your experiences.

Working on my wife too, very hot! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for all your comments

Suzy, you rock! don't listen to the people blindly hating, people need to realise that what may be right for some isnt always right for everyone. But rather than do nothing about it like most people seem to be suggesting, you guys talked over what would work for you two and you did it, thanks for sharing this story, I liked reading it.

Suzy it sounds perfect, you get your love and affection from you hubby and your mind blowing sex from your lover. Your lover is just a sex toy to help where your hubies libido is not managing. <br />
<br />
Enjoy it.

Suzy, seriously, this is not a marriage you have here. This relationship is dysfunctional. Why be so disrespectful to yourself? My husband has no interest in sex and this hurts and I would do most anything to get that interest back - but to engage in this kind of a relationship would make both him and me sick as hell. This may seem OK now but it's just a matter of time before you wake up an hate yourself over what you're doing. And what about when the kids catch on? Then turn out dysfunctional as well. Choose either the new lover or your husband - you can't stay connected to both. Your husband is sick. This is not a marriage. Get out of this relationship. Run quickly and do not bother looking back.

I am in a similar situation after eight years of marriage with the last four years being almost sexles. He convinved me I could have a lover. we met somene on a vacation and now he and I see each other monthly. My husband seems happier and talks with me. At first i was confused but now it is ok and i am happy, fulfilled. I know it seems weird but it works for us. We still have very lettle sex but when we do he seems more interested and excited knowing I have someone making me happy.

Well, i suppose a very strange kind of success story?<br />
I dont know what you are looking for, just your husband? Ot ate you ok with this?<br />
I am not being critical, what ever floays your boat and all that.

go GaDAD, go. I'm a little confused too about this post.