Sexless = The Missing Link Is Love-----------------

      a marriage and relationship of two always starts by one desire being the foundation for both to build from. common since states life itself started by sexing being why evolutionist think we are animals. so people invented a word to have humans feel above animals we call love. the reality is sexing is loving as both words are the same. as long ago there was no bad issue as persons sexed each other and life was very good as every race worldwide lived in sexing freedom being helpers of each other naturally. only certain people in every family wanted a absolute guarantee to as-to own their lover. being the same as have your lover be a slave in bondage by force to obey the loves of marriages and lands laws of the courts. from that day over 2000 years ago love has fallen and religions birthed along with Christian beliefs. today in 2010 every person ask their self that question you asked, why is sexing dying out as persons age. as you know in our youth sexing was number one said many ways. 
       bottom line, our governments and courts people made a very serious error thinking they can law sex or love. the insanity is to try an stop youths from living in sexual loves freedom not in bondage by adults beliefs. so as the youths become adults they too will say, what happened to my enjoying sexing. it is understood you nor i can stop the powers of society, nor the powers of churches and beliefs about sexual love. this U. S. A. has established a no win for two in love for you have to either live by laws of court or a church belief and both are bondage love which will die out as did yours. 
       so how can you and us others in our sexual desires restore love is the real question. first you must know why mainstream society people as a person wants to bondage sexing love. in one word, ------- JEALOUSY --------  second question is where did their jealousy come from. people of bible will say Adam, some devil runs our world, others in your family and those of law will say from greed and selfishness. as in i want what i want when i want it. so in reality jealousy came from the spoiled. GOD made that clear by putting both sexes out the garden to live and learn on their own love is freedom and not for sale, as Eve thought eating the fruit would give her power as a god as did Adam, as in they wanted to control love by a law  and a church. so unto this day men an women still try to control love. only men became wants of her sexing and she became the giver of sexing. to those people who run this world it seems normal. so live by laws of our courts or a church. fact is over 80% of society people think i am nuts. am i, will that is the question, but remember, a nut that holds  its ground became the mighty oak. 
       from my youth i never gave into laws or beliefs of sexing love. was married once an she stopped sexing an left me and i let her go freely. for i knew love can not be controlled. you want to be in love again this is the only answer to be your freedom love sexual self. think not of money, some world commitment to be in a bondage for your sake or even children sake. to renew your self  as man and woman in sexual lovemaking is in reality very easy. ----------------- live by mother nature seen an father time unseen. ------------------ the reason your man or woman lost their youthful sex desire is they went by laws etc, church as a fact of life. yes live legally and respectful, but never live by either one as if law or church is reality. best example is AGE. age and age laws are myths to try an get you an i to realize our mistake to believe by age, some law or bible belief. you can test your self this way. do you really think every adult sexing a person under 18 is wrong because law says so. as if there is a magical line from 17 to 18. yes some do sex youths being sexually lost that abuse youths, as some adults abuse each other sexually legal, only their acts are illegal. know why sex crimes take place, the person lived by laws as facts and/or some bible belief. no sex crime is against woman, or man, for as stated the sex offender seeks to free their self from the bondage taught to them by parents, teachers, etc, in youth about our system of laws and beliefs. which proves the sexual power in every person is greater than laws or beliefs as GOD stated and must be free. meaning the sex crimes are your and my wake up call to teach love is freedom. 
       DO NOT GET ME WRONG, LAWS ARE A MUST TO RESPECT FOR LAWS OF OUR COURTS ARE THE ONLY HOPE TO LEARN LOVES FREEDOMS. most likely you like i are already lock minded in our beliefs of law and church. but like a good physiologist told me, my son at least you know your problem, many millions of persons do not. 
       to close, i seat in natures love in wait for a woman to understand freedoms love. will i find her, i think not in this life time, nor you woman of that man. you see i came by nature as did all, and god saved me. why is a very long story, but i will never leave natures love go looking for her, for my bride is all youthful girls under age and the woman with me groom is every youthful boy under age. you see mother nature is the woman who protects all girls. father time is the man and protects every boy. and like any good parent lets them go freely at 18 to learn on their own true freedoms love. who then am i you wonder writing this, their son always honors the mother an father as i seek my love mate be her free, free as a bird, therefore my hope is in you parents and law people to teach love is freedom, hope you understand. signed, the light house.
                                            SO BE IT GOD -----------------------   
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I CANNOT believe that for once, and only this one time, I find myself agreeing with gs355. <br />
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But thanks for your story...I don't make sense sometimes either so it's nice to see I'm not alone, and that's what this forum is all about. Good on ya for getting it off your chest...even if it means nobody else gets it.

As Larry Olivier used to say to me: "the words are all there, we just have to get them in the right order".

Using another name now shadowraith ??

Uhhhh..It's a cat... No it's a dog...Wait it might be a Elephant. Naaaaaa... I'm really confused :-)

I'll comment"......WTF?????