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7 Easy Ways To Attract Your Husband

Seven Easy Ways to Attract Your Husband

Ladies, it’s time to turn off the comfortability and turn on the sex appeal with our husbands! Here’s some simple ways to get him noticing us again.

1. Hygiene

It’s so easy to get into a routine where we are simply comfortable with our men. We decide that we don’t really need to take a shower, that they’re going to love us anyway, even in our funk. We decide it’s okay to go without wearing deodorant because they’ll love us anyway. Sure they will, but it’s definitely not attractive!

Think of how you attracted your husband in the beginning of your relationship! You were definitely clean, showered, and I guarantee you went a little overboard with the perfume! Look where it got you! He promised to spend the rest of his life with you, so let’s keep ourselves smelling nice, ladies. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Don’t be scared of the deodorant. Please, wear perfume.

We’ll not only attract him, but we’ll feel better about ourselves and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get compliments from others that would help boost our own encouragement, which is always sexy! It does say in the Bible in Proverbs 27:9 that “…perfume makes the heart glad.” Let’s make our husbands’ heart glad!

2. Dress to Impress

I know, I know… we women love those sweats! I have to agree that I would much rather choose sweats and a t-shirt over a dress and heels. However, we don’t necessarily need to overdo the scrubby look. Some men do like this “natural” look, but keep it fresh and try to look nice for your man every now and then. You don’t need to wear a dress or heels, but I can bet that each and every one of you have something “sexy” in your closet that you can bring out, even if it’s not a special occasion. Just a reminder – if you follow through with #1, you’ll look and feel great without fulfilling #2! Not only does it feel great to look stunning, but your husband will be all over you.

3. Lips & Eyes

Keep your gloss or lipstick in your purse at all times! Eyeliner is a must have! You never know when you’ll need it. A little goes a long way! I’ve asked many of my friends what item in their makeup bag was most important and often I’ve heard, “Lipstick, eyeliner or mascara.” Your eyes and your lips are always looked at. Forget about the blush and the foundation. As long as you keep your lips looking absolutely kissable and your eyes bold as ever, you’ll have your man noticing you.

4. Body Maintenance

I’m not talking about spending hundreds on spa treatments or anything of the sort. What I’m going to suggest can easily be done in the comfort of your home. Keep your fingernails and your toes looking well maintained. There’s nothing worse than having some unpainted, dirty, stained toes that might need a little trim or fingernails with chipped polish. If you can’t afford getting to the salon to get your usual manicure/pedicure, do it yourself. The color red symbolizes passion and love… just a suggestion if you’re thinking of attracting him in that way. Also, shave those legs. Period. (His shaver probably works best.)

5. No Nagging Allowed – Attitude Adjustment

Easier said than done. When your husband doesn’t do something that you wanted him to do, be quiet about it. Before you say something, think about it first and think about how you can say it gently. Trust me, this is a tactic that works well. Men don’t ask for a lot. They do hate nagging wives, though. I’m a woman who looks to the Bible for advice on my marriage and how to be a better wife.

In the wonderful book of Proverbs, it says that it’s better to live on the corner of a roof than to live with a quarrelsome wife. Don’t try to change your husband or control him. Trying to tell your husband to change is pretty much like telling him how to breathe differently. It’s not going to happen and if it does, it won’t come without resentment on his part. Let’s be happy with who they are as men. Only the beauty of a true woman, with a gentle and quiet spirit, can truly change a man for the better.

6. Confidence

You’ve heard it before – confidence is attractive. It sure is! Even our husbands are capable of seeing confidence shining through us. Be confident in yourself, in him, and in your marriage. When I say confident, it means that you trust yourself and you trust

him. You should never accuse him for things you might feel suspicious of. You can easily say that you trust him, but he’ll know and so will others if you do in fact trust him completely. When you talk to your friends about him, your trust or lack of, will definitely show in the way that you talk about him. Don’t ever bash your husband.

It’s really sad to hear a woman talk trash about her own husband. We need to be confident of his character. We did marry him, right? Usually, accusations come from our own insecurities. Don’t drive your husband away with this common mistake. Confidence also means you don’t question his motives, you don’t give him the third degree about everything, you don’t get angry at him for “looking” at other women. That’s a big no-no. If you’re looking, he probably is, too. Get over it. There are other pretty women out there, too. So the sooner you believe in yourselfand in him, the sooner you can walk day to day in a confidence that attracts him and others as well.

7. Get Physical

Don’t think that it’s okay to go a long time without sex. Most women don’t have the sex drive of a man. Men are like animals. The truth is, if we don’t give it to them, they’re probably going to get it somewhere else whether it’s by ************ or worst case, infidelity.  And when they do, you can’t put all of the blame on them if you’re

withholding sex as a means of selfishness or punishment.

I understand that people have busy lives, people are tired, and the best excuse of all – people are not in the mood. That is a poor, poor excuse.

Some people don’t really understand the concept of selfishness, but when we don’t give our husbands something that they so desperately need (trust me, men NEED sex), then we’re only giving them a reason to look elsewhere. Being selfless means that we put their needs as a top priority. We need to be understanding to their needs as men. I know that sounds silly, but it’s the truth. We have given ourself to our husband and our responsibility as a wife is to keep him happy and keep him satisfied, especially if you don’t want him wandering into other yards, searching for his fulfillment there.

Your marriage is absolutely more important than any other relationship because once your marriage falls apart, most likely everything else will, too. If you make sure to nurture your marriage, make time for each other (even when you have children), and keep things physical, then everything else falls into place. You don’t necessarily have to have sex, but simple touching here and there – kissing, caressing, etc. Like I’ve said, a little goes a long way. As to sexy lingerie, sweety16 is a good choice.

both of the quality and the price are good.

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What rubbish!


Ok my husband has all that but he is not looking for me to have sex,he says that I m a hot mama, and I m, and I want to have sex every day and he is ok once. Month , why? What I have to do?.. He sys that I m sexy nd the best lover that ever he had. So why it's wrong ?

thnx dear its a really gud tips as well as a gud advice... thnks a lot i really needed this..:)

Pardon, this sounds soo much like a commercial add... No wonder. Why else would the woman be on earth if not for buying things to pleasure a man? Lovely post, thanks. All the things you mention here should be done by women for themselves out of respect, following a common sense, not with the intention of manipulating the man. It could be also the other way. Plenty of men and women here who are not going to touch anybody else, fighting the freezing wind with a naked heart. Can their suffering find solace here? Umm...Hardly because they have some things planted under their skin called loving and carring with honesty. I don't see much here...Whatever a partner does it is love that should fill the two with smiles, not a sexi cover, an eyeliner or a lipstick...

Cathy_____ Will you marry me?????? I think I just fell in love!!!

no ok I didn't even finish reading this, im sorry but if there is a problem, you speak up, yes remain polite but it isn't a world anymore where the man is the only person who rules the house, if he leaves his s**t on the floor, tell the lazy p***k to pick it up, if he cheats, its not my fault, its his, there is NO excuse for infidelity at all... If im not feeling well or whatever I'm not just going to hand my body over because my partner is say as a wife we have to keep our men happy, as a HUSBAND they need to keep us happy too... goes both ways... just my opinion but this article is quite sexist...

You might want to read this again and again. I think the part about selfishness may help.

no i disagree with you, its a new day and age where we are EQUAL, it works both ways, this post is all about the man pretty much, and all I see in the \"selfishness\" part is women need to do as their told... I don\'t think so... each to their own but, if you think this is a helpful post then good for you, I on the other hand do not and was simply stating my opinion :)

Thank you so much mad'm
I m into a relation n soon gona b engaged
Hv learnt lot frm ur article
N loved it too
Though watevr mentioned is sumthing i hv in me n he is happy with d way i m ..

My husband is 86 born and i 83, every time i am the one who is ******* in this relation. If i am not saying anything or giving him comfortable zone at home doing each and everything like cooking, clothing, cleaning etc also enjoying a day with him then he is happy but if i said anything some day to him then he dont like to tolerate.
I am the one who is communicating to his and my family, society even do part time work as will, but if i talk about him he only earn for home. we are two of them living alone still we dont have good understanding. i did everything all compromises but failed.

my husband does not like kissing.but i like kissing,but he never kiss me.what do i

You have good points. I have 3 yrs baby. He cares me a lot. But always tired. Not interested in sex. We have once for a month. Even I wear perfect dresses. No makeup. He won't like make-up. l fully adjust n go with him. Love marriage. Starting from marriage this problem going on. Please help me!

You have good points. I have 3 yrs baby. He cares me a lot. But always tired. Not interested in sex. We have once for a month. Even I wear perfect dresses. No makeup. He won't like make-up. l fully adjust n go with him. Love marriage. Starting from marriage this problem going on. Please help me!

You have good points. But we are married since 5 months. He cares me & loves me a lot. But always tired. Not interested in sex. We have once or twice in a week . Even I wear perfect dresses. No makeup. He won't like make-up. l fully adjust n go with him. It was Love marriage. Starting from marriage this problem going on & now gradually it's increasing day by day Please help me!....

Nice advice. Liked it

what to do when he says too tired mostly every day because of work?

good article...worth reading!

thank you so much

I love the advices...and the scriptures mentioned. I believe women need to take charge to please their husbands. That's just personal beliefs! Enjoyed it, even if this was just an advertisement :)

yes, i agree wid u i m doing everything to attract my hubby ,i luv him a lot ,but i dont know whats happen to him ,he does not caring me from last 2 yrs,he is not willing to do sex with me ,but the great problem wid me is i really shout like anything when he is doing wrong. i have small kid of 3yrs.what do i do?

While I agree with all you have to say; what do you do when your man finds fault in almost all you wear (NO I am not talking about sweats); your makeup (most often never dark enough), your perfume (can smell thousands of women's perfume but never your's), doesn't find you sexually attractive seemingly even when you are wearing a white lace nightie and gyrating to whatever music he has picked for the night? I love him madly but am beginning to feel is it VERY much one sided.

Wow you people are evil maybe thats why your marriage sucks. Once you love a man even for his flaws, it'll turn the biggest a hole into a gentle men, or maybe you married someone God did not have planned for you and this one is your learning experience, but no need to be so demonic and evil, youll get no where with anyone acting like that.

If you can't run with the big dogs then stay on the porch. This is the internet - welcome to it. Be prepared to back up what you say - and calling people evil for speaking up is not an argument.

The members here (both men and women) have done the popular pseudo -relationship fix its to death to no avail and the OP might find it useful to bear in mind that the members here (quite a sizable number I might add) would know a great deal more about the sexless marriage experience and seriously, these so called 7 easy ways do not stand up to scrutiny here.

hi cathy.. don't mind them.. they have nothing better to do but go through other peoples' posts all day and make smart *** remarks to feel cool. Only if I could just advise you on the 1 easy way without having to go through 7 of them as most men can't count that high.. <br />
<br />
1. Be naked and bent over the keg you just bought.<br />
<br />
That should do it.<br />
<br />
But what do I know.. I'm just a dog.<br />
<br />
(Now I feel cool)

Though sex is not the whole of our lives, it is very important element in our marriage. I can understand cathy in some certain because I had the same feeling. I had a sexless, heart-broken marriage. But I tried hard, I wanted to know man better. Actually, I think it is a good idea to enter the group of '' i'm a sexless husband'' to know man better. But I 'm not brave enough to do that. I tried to change myself, go out to work, make friends, build my circle of life. now, the situation seems changed a lot. ''A woman with her own job and good personality is quite attractive'', my husband told me. And sometime, I also take him some surprises, a unexpect gift, and also sexy lingerie for special night. sexy lingerie becomes the spice of my life.

that's great

Cathy: I noticed bacon scented candles were not on your list. Tell her guys what a complete turn-on that is.

Wow, this story has really gotten too much attention. If there is a way to delete stories, I think this one should be removed. Here's why. First, it is most certainly an advertisement. I was kind of sure before, but after a bit more thought and research I became 100% certain. If we allow these posts to remain, they will only increase in number, just like spam email. This will only degrade the quality of the site, and since the owners of Experience Project need to make money also, this is competing with them, even if just a little bit.<br />
<br />
Also, realize that this post is not here as an ad for us. This is how it works. Experience Project has built a reputation for good content, and there are links to this content from other sites. This cross-site linking is one of the ways that google uses to rank search results. The poster of this story is leveraging the fact that Experience Project ranks high in search results. Some random web surfer might be searching for how to improve their marriage. This post and the same text in other forums will pop up. The will go there, ignore the whole point of the site itself, read the post, and then possibly surf on to the lingerie site listed on the bottom.<br />
<br />
In other words, this group is being used as a conduit for unsuspecting web surfers to pass through to a site in which will gladly take their money. I think this is sufficient reason to delete the post. I don't think it fits into the realm of censorship.

I just looked at Cathy2341's profile and I see she's also a member of the "I'm a HUSBAND in a sexless marriage" group. Whoa! Poor Cathy's got bigger problems than cheesy advertising copy, it seems! :-O LOL

As enna and someone earlier said, it's an ad. I just googled "sweety16" and they sell sex toys and lingerie. So, much as I adore reading the creative bashing of Clueless Cathy, I'm guessing this is a would-be entrepreneur who is putting '50s Good Housekeeping 'advice' on every internet site that has 'sex' in the title.<br />
<br />
VectorKing23, I'm a woman and I love bacon! So start inventing those bacon boxers. And I'd like to be the first (of many, I'm sure) to volunteer as a taste-tester. : )<br />
<br />
Even if Cathy isn't real, I must say I'm sincerely insulted that this marketer would recycle such obviously old-fashioned copy. Insult my intelligence as well as my hygiene, why don't you? Grrr.

I see you guys are feeding the trolls again (Cathy and Mr Shy), but carry on ... it's very entertaining.

Check out the comment on page 2 by onn520vx - it is an ad. See this line at the end of the post . . . . <br />
"As to sexy lingerie, sweety16 is a good choice. both of the quality and the price are good."<br />
<br />
However, a little troll baiting is good sport - so keep it up!!! And as for MrShyFellow - he is NOT in a sexless marriage. He ois "bored" - hence his magnanimously attending our group to hand out "advice" with a lot of preachy overtones. . . . Please give him a good troll bashing too . . . I don't have the energy today!!

wow cathy will my wife start fancying me again if I adopt these seven tactics? Sadly I do all of these things anyway as a matter of course and I am met with sublime disinterest.<br />
<br />
I have to mention also that even if my wife were to fail in each and every one of these departments I would still fancy her madly and want to f*** her senseless at every opportunity.<br />
<br />
I do value your considered and helpful input but fear that I will have to look at other ideas to achieve my desired level of intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Hmmm you forgot the bacon scented candles. believe me many of the women here have tried all of that only to hear. "Why in the hell did you spend all that money on that sexy stuff? I could have bought 2 video games with that". For people under normal living conditions I am sure that would be effective though. Problem in this forum though is so many are marred to spouses with NO libido. All the romantic stuff in the world can't cure that.