im more a victim of circumstance,as my wife is ill,this may make me sound like a ****
but i wouldnt cheat on my wife as i love her,i guess i use **** as an outlet+have a dirty mind+active imagination
its better that taking it out on my wife,especially as its not her fault+out of her control
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thanks+yeah,i feel im being unfair 4 wantin sex+the fact penertration hurts my wife,its not exactley a turn on

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I can relate completely. My wife has multiple sclerosis, which is notorious for its ability to destroy a person's libido. We average sex once a year or so, and the sex we do have is awkward and unsatisfying, since that much of a gap between sessions pretty much turns us both into bumbling virgins. I feel angry, frustrated, rejected, and all the feelings that the people here have expressed so eloquently, but there's also a profound level of self-recrimination felt when the sexlessness is caused by a chronic illness. After all, you can't BLAME someone for being sick, right? You wouldn't resent a deaf woman for being a bad listener. So that's my cycle: get frustrated and resent her for withholding sex, then hate myself for resenting her because it's Not Her Fault.<br />
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It's a lousy situation and I wish there was an easy answer. Keep your chin up. Xanax helps.

not sure how u can fix it,it depends on the specifics 2 ur problem<br />
and come on england

Well, your cricket side is going ok. 2nd Test Adelaide day 1, Aust all out 245. Anderson took 4/51.

yeah she is,but other than tryin to control it with meds,that only help some of the time,there isnt anything else they can do,

Is she receiving all the appropriate treatments for her conditions?

well u will have 2 bear with me,im in a lot of pain+havent slept in 2days,but anyway,have been sexless for over a yr now,the illness is pelvic inflamitory disease,coupled with cronic acid reflux

There is not enough meat on your story to make any comment. What is your outlet? por*n? (learn to use asteriks) What is the illness, how long have you been sexless, etc.?