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Your quote: "If you think that it will be ok, once you're married, if you think you can live without sex, without being touched, well, you're probably right most days. But the days you can't live with it, you better lock yourself in your house and prepare to sob until your gut hurts, because that's what happens."

You hit the bullseye. Most days I can focus on other things, go to the gym and run myself ragged to the point that I'm too exhausted for sex, stay busy, etc.. But those bad days really suck... And frankly some days going to the gym doesn't help, especially if a pretty woman with a nice "scent" is on the treadmill next to you. LOL!
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That is exactly it marriage is supposed to be an us proposition and you find yourself alone at all the times when there should be your partner there making things tolerable and helping you survive. It's like being thrown over board from a cruise ship in shark infested waters while your mate just stands at the rail and watches and makes no effort to throw you the life ring that they are holding in their hands. But the really sad part is that most of us are dumb enough to keep swimming along after the cruise ship trying to get back aboard instead of looking for an island that has friendly natives.

Living in a marriage devoid of intimacy is a fraud. You do all the grunt work for the marriage and receive none of the perks.<br />
<br />
It sucks.

You refer to MaryP5's recent story. It was a terrific piece wasn't it.<br />
<br />
Resonated with me too.<br />
<br />
That is the essential point I took out of her story - that in a healthy relationship, there are little signs all the time that your spouse cares about you. And you give off little signs all the time that you care about them.<br />
At times of high emotion (good or bad) when either of you need the other, they are there, fully engaged. It is a beautiful thing.<br />
<br />
But<br />
<br />
in a sexless marriage, when those times of high emotion (good or bad) hit, there is a vacuum. And you are alone and abandoned. It is ****. It is nothing. It is less than nothing. It is NOT a marriage. It is an insult to the word 'marriage'.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.