Explaining Acronyms

Call me thick but I don't understand all the acronyms on this forum.

In fact i can't even remember them to include them here.

So would someone, anyone, everyone fill me in???


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what is " FWB "

someone please enlighten me :-)

Friends with Benefits. Usually a partner with whom you have sex with, but with whom you have no emotional attachment greater than friendship.

Married people in a ILIASM situation often seek this relationship in order to keep their marriage but continue to be sexually satisfied

Poepol (afrikaans for *******)<br />
Pompous<br />
opinionated<br />
extroverted<br />
prejudiced<br />
obese<br />

I didn't know there WAS an acronym for my ex! Perfect! LOL!

Oh yeah, don't forget "*** Hat". It's what a refuser becomes as their excuses become more and more surreal. MaryRyan had another that fit nicely with this one, but I forgot it.

Zombieland - The emotional and affectionate state of a SM (Sexless Marriage)<br />
Departure Lounge - The mental place we are in while waiting to leave the SM<br />
FZDFLESPDCHB - (F**kwit Zombie Dead Fishwife Looser Emotionally Stunted Personality Disorder Cold Heartless *****) - My wife, sorry - personal thing kind of slipped in there<br />
House Mate - Your partner if you now sleep in different rooms or the settee<br />
Room Mate - Your partner if you have a dead Zombieland marriage but retain the illusion that you have a functioning partner by sharing the same bed (Of course with maximum distance between you)

Gotta confess, it took me months to figure out what ILIASM meant when I first joined. How sharp am I ??!!!!! Likewise with "FWB".<br />
<br />
Sometimes, I inadvertently lapse into "Australian - ese" when I am writing, so I offer up a couple of translations for you in that regard.<br />
<br />
Twang = to **********<br />
Root = the act of sexual intercourse<br />
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock = mentally challenged (see also "Fuckwit")<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

IMHO (in my honest opinion) my H (husband) is a DA (dickless ***) now that he's aware he's the refuser (says no to my advances) in our SM (sexless marriage) and still refuses to do anything about it so I'm tossing BOB (battery op boyfriend) out and getting a NSA FB (no string attached humping buddy) until exit (divorce papers served) is ready.<br />
<br />
Angeleyes - Good for you. It took me 3 different sign-ins and alot of thought before I figured out what ILIASM meant. LOL (laugh out loud) Sometimes I'm just dense.

Great stuff Pinto!!

LMAO = laughing my *** off<br />
ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my *** off<br />
WTF moment = that Aha! moment that makes it suddenly clear your spouse doesn't love you

brb- be right back=i asked the meaning of it coz i dont really know and my common sense did not work.i just thought its better to ask if you don't know than to pretend you know it:)<br />
atm-at the moment=i felt that the guy i asked thought i was an idiot,i don't care it he does.now i know:)<br />
<br />
that was very helpful...<br />
<br />
can anybody tell me the meaning of imao?thanks

EXIT/EXIT STRATEGY - What plans you have made to leave a SM (Sexless Marriage)<br />
<br />
BOB - Battery Operated Boyfriend as in sex toys used in lieu of the real thing. Okay, I confess, I do snicker every time I think of this acronym. I never knew people named their sex toys!

"Launch" = to leave one's sexless marriage

Taking up Bazzar's challenge, herewith some gems from previous and current posters that should be kept alive./ . . . <br />
<br />
"Hope is your enemy" (Vegas/VB/who-ever he is this week!)<br />
<br />
"Sex people" (Vegas/VB/who-ever he is this week!)<br />
<br />
"Sex Fiend" - sorry! Can't remember who used this term first but I LOVE it! Means a spouse who is NOT a Refuser (i.e. almost all of US!)

While we are on the ILIASM lexicon, how about some words / phrases and their actual meaning ?<br />
<br />
Example.<br />
<br />
"Scented Candles" = a much derided technique to re-ignite passion and an excellent way to humiliate oneself. Possibly useful in a jaded marriage, and as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle if applied to a sexless marriage.<br />
<br />
"The Talk" = essentially an ultimatum to a "**** head"<br />
<br />
"Everything is great in the marriage bar the sex" = the union is terminally dysfunctional.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

ED = Erectile Disfunction<br />
<br />
DW/DH: I thought it was dumb wife... LOL

OTOH - on the other hand<br />
<br />
BTW - by the way

NSA= No Strings Attached

FB - crude way to say FWB<br />
S*X - what most of us are not getting (not at home anyway)

DW/DH = dear wife/dear husband (although I like dickhead better, Baz)<br />
DD/DS = dear daughter/dear son (less common)<br />
<br />
Princess StuffedWithSalmonAndSleepy

H - husband<br />
<br />
W - wife<br />
<br />
IMO - in my opinion

SM = sexless marriage <br />
<br />
Princess Doh

sm = sexless marriage.<br />
<br />
DH = dear husband (could be read as "**** head" sometimes !!)

ILIASM = I Live In A Sexless Marriage (this group)<br />
STBX = Soon to be Ex<br />
PM = private message or PrincessMore (me!)<br />
St. AC or AnarC = AnarChristian (lots of shortening names to initials like ETG = Endthegame, etc)<br />
<br />
There are tons of others... Somebody help!<br />
<br />
Princess WeNeedAPrimer

Perhaps if you list the acronyms you don't understand, people can help? I'm new here, so probably won't be a huge help, but I have worked a few out.