I Live In a Somewhat Sexless Marriage.

Quantity...A LOT! Quality,...not so much. I love mu hubby very much, but I have had some really nasty things done to me in the past. Not only has it led to my inability to completely enjoy sexual experiences, but it has made me have trust issues with people (especially when it comes to my relationships with men).

I can't offer any advice to you, as this is a devastating issue. I just wanted to let you know that sexual abuse really is a hard thing to get over (and even then, you never really get over it). Your wife really needs love and human touch...spend a lot of time with cuddling and hugs, and don't expect anything in return. Believe me, it helps.

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I am curious about this as well. I was raped as a child, but that has not affected my libido in the least. I have a strong sex drive. My 1st husband had a strong sex drive(we divorced for other reasons), but my husband now seemed to have a strong sex drive prior to marriage, but it has slowly gone over the years.<br />
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It is interesting to see that there are quite a few of us who had been abused as children, but still have strong sex drives.

I was sexually abused also and have a strong sex drive.

I was abused as a teen. Abuse does not concrete your lack of desire. Being a manipulative woman does thought. I have a very strong sex drive. My husband does not! I think that's why I married him, he's not sexually threatening. I just wish he would just throw me down and have at it!

I could have written this!

I too was sexually abused, and my sex drive is fine. I think society imposes the stigma that an abused child can not sexually function, as opposed to there counter parts that have not been. I have never forgotten the horrible things done to me, and i probably never will.

Marriedwoman: <br />
Your contribution to the discussion is very interesting, and very important. Prior to your post, the assumption was that sexual abuse during childhood automatically meant a dysfunctional libido. I'm glad to hear it ain't necessarily so.

I am curious by this. I was abused as a child, yet I have a very strong sex drive. I find that I have a hard time staying in a relationship. Now that I am married, I find it difficult to think of this as a long-term plan, but live more day by day, which I am sure is a result of my abuse, but it has not had an affect on my sex drive or ability to enjoy sex.

I am a counselor and have met many couples with these type of issues. It is important to say that everyone is different. i had a woman who was desperate to change, but kept bringing up old abuse by her 1st husband and now what she calls abuse by her second. It is not abuse but she interprets it that way. She had many therapists and they all failed. She was very open with me, and told me all of her feelings, everything. After several sessions I suggested that she was letting her 1st husband win. She was letting the abuse continue. I yelled at her to fight him, to not let him ruin this marriage. She started to yell with me and we called him terrible names. Then I told her that her current husband had not abused her, it was the thoughts put in her head by the first ******. She admitted that she wanted *******, and to be able to love her husband. I suggested we meet together and i convinced them that he needed to learn massage, because massage can be very relaxing and can be a real turn on if done right. There are books out there on this kind of massage. then I told him in private to not try sex the first few times, build up to it. They called back and 3 weeks later everything is getting better. After sex one night she called to her ex and told him what great sex she is having and their problems with sex was all his fault, teh she said, excuse me, time for round 2.

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Patience and Love will help, hang in there...