Listen Up Guys.

I have been the target of an online scam. A woman contacted me through my inbox here at EP named prettyerma101. She was divorced, her husband had cheated on her, she wanted an older man who would be faithful. We would be friends with 'benefits'. It became very intense very quickly. I started having second thoughts and consulted sites concerned with on line romantic scams. We hit the last button a few minutes ago when she wanted money to allow her to fly into town from a business trip abroad this weekend so we could be together.

Those of us involved in this therapy group are already battered and hurting, so we are especially vulnerable. Be careful out there.
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It's so much more believable when one requests camels & a goat! ;)<br />
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Princess HaremChic

Thanks for sharing this experience, I hope this enlightens some people that too fast romantic feelings online is hard to believe in.. That should be enough guidelines.

Thank you, being new to this site. That has never occured to me. People being fake, not what they seem to be has ..but thieves? Thank you!

Sorry you got scammed, and thanks for sharing the lesson with the rest of the group.

Hmm ... asking for money, whether on line or in person, seems to be a huge red flag. There was a series of stories in our local paper about a woman who met a guy online, and over a period of years loaned him a lot of money for his business ... turned out she was one of several girlfriends, all financing his lifestyle. Yes, those people are out there.

This was crap. Sorry it happend to you.

Out of idle curiosity, I just found this "chick"s profile.<br />
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Like most bogus posters, it looks suss. It actually appears to be written by a bloke, and most of the interest groups have honed in to ones likely to cover people who are hurting.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Its really sad and hurting

Buddy of mine got hit with something similar many years ago. Online dating site. Asked for money to come visit. Sent the money and never heard from her again. ANYONE asks for money.... STOP!!!!!!! unless you have met them, AND have known them for many years, AND have verified personal information (Phone & addy) then maybe I'd do it. Even then it's ever more then a couple hundred clams at MOST!

my thoughts go out to you. <br />
it is not nice, but let it be known that we all face this threat, no matter our age or circumstances. the scenario may change, but there are a few select elements in society who are out there actively seeking to betray, defraud and hurt others. it is a power thing sometimes too, the belief that you pulled off a fast, smart one. However, it is a mistaken belief quite often; for me, there is little that is sharp about a one chord song, no matter how purposeful, played over and over. <br />
long may you run theaterlover

Anyone who would fall for this **** deserves every lump they get.<br />
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You can't legislate for stupidity.<br />
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Tread your own path.

I'm glad you weren't so taken in, that you fell for it. I've heard of this happening often. Sad, but true. <br />
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You learn and you move on. <br />
Now you know that you are not emotionally dead. You just need the right person.

PS. Did you FLAG her... er, him?

I did. the really weird thing is she? called my attention to her profile and then claimed a friend had filled it in for her. This did arouse suspicion.

Theaterlover, I'm so sorry for you that you were scammed. And also very very sad that what seemed like a lovely new relationship about to bloom turned out to have cold feet. Not only are you dealing with the scam element, but also the disappointment and sadness of yet again being let down in a relationship . . . {{{Hugs}}}<br />
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Coming from here..... I don't know if I would consider someone as coming from here unless I had seen postings from them over a period of time. I don't know if that was the case for this person but I have gotten a few emails that on looking at their profile and postings or lack there of - told me all I needed to know about them.

You are right. She contacted me here, but doesn't appear to have done anything else. I should have checked.

Well, what do you know? Someone using sex and charm to get into your pocketbook.

thank you for sharing..and good for you for being careful and not getting caught...and am truly sorry that you were taken advantage of...i mean that... lies hurt.

Thank you. It was such a rush, and coming from here, I didn't even consider a scam at first. But it kept being too good to be true. I kept suspending my disbelief, but when the money request came, it was too much.

Really, that was the (now horrible) thing - someone talking to me nicely and sexily. the way it used to be.

Thanks for the heads up on her in particulary. I have also been scammed before so i am very leery. Even so, it would be nice for someone to pay attention to me that way again.

Isn't that sad??? I know exactly how you're feeling. My scammer made me feel so good, appreciated and just one hot fantasy (that was my 1st clue!). Spouses could learn a thing or two from the scammers - except for the whole wanting-your-credit-card thing!