Sex Frequency By Country

What percentage of the adults has sex weekly or more?

Australia 60%  Brazil 82%  Canada 55%  China 78%  France 70% Germany 68%  Greece 87%  Italy 68%  Japan 34% Malaysia 74%  Nigeria 53%  Poland 76%  Russia 80%  South Africa 71%  Spain 72%  Switzerland 72% UK 59%  US 53%

Conclusion: Likely that ILIASM people are Japanese and very unlikely that we are Greek. Source Chartsbin, but there are multiple surveys.

Would we be in the same ILIASM situation if we lived in Brazil? What do you think?
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In this survey they asked the general population (it was commissioned by a condom manufacturer). Among married couples the percentage rates were much, much higher.

What is this all Canadians? I am inbetween both coasts as well. And the burning car idiots...I wont even start :)

@Paints- Newfoundland? BC is more "free spirited" (burning car hooligans) but I had no idea about Newfoundland.

@Paints: well that explains it. I'm several provinces from a coast in either direction. Dammit!

Interesting...I guarantee you I bring Canada's average down......way, way down :)

Funny, my husband doesn't look Japanese . . . . . .<br />
<br />
I wonder if I could be an honorary Swiss woman? Sex AND great chocolate - paradise!!!

Canada 55%? Where did these stats come from? I guess I'm in the lower 45%

My first thought was<br />
<br />
are they having it with their spouses?

Yes and Each and Every single day...

In Australia, we'd probably rank high. But for the fact that we are always at the pub getting hammered so quite a lot of the rooting goes unreported on account of being un-remembered !!<br />
<br />
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