Iam Not In Love With My Husband Have To Have Sex To Feel Complete And Be In Love

I got married  3 yrs ago my second marriage he is go guy and we get along  good but no sex iam  I need a lot  a affection  but  it hard when dont have  none and no sex  when  we  met  there was a little but he said  he was scared  so  i  didnt pressure him i thought  when i  got  married  it would be  better boy i was  wrong I have  to be in love  with  some body to  feel complete   He  saids  he love  me  but  not in love  with me I have    he makes    excuses when i  talk  about  I cant talk  about  it  no more  cause i get very upset  with it but it its a very  loney  life and he dont  even sleep with me  makes excuse  for   that its hard  So iam  hoping to talk  to somebody about   hope to i will find some  answers  or fell  better  knowing  somebody that going  through like me iam  62 I thought when get  that age  you  dont  need sex   i was   wrong   he is 56  if   any body in terested    to be  my  friend  email me  men  or women  are wellcome to email me  thanks  Angie
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i feel for you darling :(have been with this woman i met on line for 5 yrs. now & the last 3 have been zuich nothing my e-mail is bananaman0714@yahoo.com if you need someone to chat with or just whatever .sometimes it take 2 people to get things stright :) how knows ,sounds like we got a lot in commom

Iam 64 and wish I was with you. My wife is 55 and cold we rarely have sex.<br />
I know where you are comining from.It you need some to talk to I am here.<br />
If you need more I am here!!!

i am 65 very well endowed and still have a sex drive of at least once a day,, and in a sexless marriage,, i fully understand your frustration,,, id love to have a partner to sleep close to and wake up next to and slip it in,,,,,,

Might be wise to get back to basics here.<br />
<br />
There seems to be a sub text in the story where-in you "need a bloke to feel complete".<br />
<br />
That viewpoint is well worth challenging your thinking about.<br />
<br />
If it actually IS true for you, then, unfortunately, you are always going to put your happiness into the control of another person.<br />
<br />
In a relationship, your partners job is to enhance your happiness. NOT be a substitute for it.<br />
<br />
A "bloke" can't make you happy (or sad for that matter) without your compliance.<br />
<br />
What you owe yourself, is to live the life of the authentic "princessgr". <br />
<br />
That may - or may not - include "having a bloke".<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

Count how few days you simply have left and understand how mush time you have e wasted. It is a precious commodity that we all think little about. Yo seem to Jay have made a decision to continue in a marriage in name only and that is good. If your lover continues to perform to your satisfaction and your husband is acceptable then all should be satisfactory. However I sense that this man you are married to has little respect for you and finds his marriage merely a convenience and has really little respect for you or your needs for love and real intimacy.<br />
<br />
I would suggest a life alone would better better than living in the circumstance you now find yourself.<br />
I wish you well.

I have a similar problem with my husband. We've been married for many years and he has never really been able to satisfy me sexually. He was inexperienced and we never had relations together prior to marriage. I had sexual relations with several boyfriends before we met. <br />
He has 2 problems which have gotten worse with time- an extremely inadequate size and erections that are not hard enough. This has made penetration very difficult and long to achieve. We were able to have some sex throughout the years and we had children.He was satisfied but he never brought me to ****** and I had to do it on my own. I have been frustrated and had many discussions with him that he should have been honest with me before marriage about his difficulty. He had lied to me and told me he was not a virgin. He claimed he wanted to wait until after marriage before having sex. We had a short engagement and married. He is very passive and when we have discussions tells he is is sorry about his lack of openess before we were maried. He thought that after we were married he would be able to " work things out". That has not happened. We have tried several approaches including Viagara with little success.<br />
About 5 years ago I gave up and looked for satisfaction outrside of mariage. I have been having a sex relationship with a divorced co-worker, Carl. I told Carl about my problems with my husband and he is very satisfied having discrete sex and neither of us wants to have it become more serious. I have been very open with my husband and told him about the affair 5yrs ago and told him this was the only way I could continue our sexless marriage. He reluctantly agreed but wanted to be able to continue our "sexual relations". I agreed, but since starting the affair I have lost more and more interest with continuing the frustrating attempts at sex. My husband also developed prostate problems that have result in very very weak erections. Some surgery he had has also resulted in a reduced size of his penis<br />
My husband has accepted his situation because we both want to continue with the other aspects of our relationship. Carl and I are very discrete and few people know of our arrangement. Although he doesn't admit it, my husband gets his sex satisfaction from ************ and the rare times I agree to trying sex with him I can give you more details if interested. This is not the ideal alternative but it has worked.

walk away it willnever get better<br />
<br />
at our gae we lose to much to get married we are better off just living with each other<br />
<br />
and if it did not seem right before it will<br />
never be right after you say<br />
<br />
love is about pleaseing each other it may be playing with words if you areopen and talk to the other about what you like and do not like<br />
but youhave to talk few can read each others minds<br />
i have only know one person that could do that we we both could read the other but the rider of the pale horse claimed her at age 19