Refusers Make International News

This is a news article from today's, which I thought would elicit some interesting reactions from fellow SMers.  At least these women are refusing sex for a good reason.  I just hope that none of them makes this into a habit.
The link:

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5 Responses Sep 19, 2011

Sex, or lack thereof, is a strong motivator.

Gotta love getting screwed - or in our case NOT screwed - for a good cause. Being in an SM could be your contribution to fighting climate change, world peace, poverty, child labor, your cause. At least we all can chuckle about this.

so that's what this is all about! My refuser H is after world peace! Who knew... :)



The power of sex is rather impressive, or rather the lack thereof. <br />
<br />
Lysistrata is just a story, told to firmly suggest that women remain in their place. It really had nothing to do with sex.

Someone read Lysistrata.