Seducing My Husband's Younger Brother

i have been married for 3 months but my husband says he does not want to have sex yet as he is tired mostly. im a young volouptous women who loves to dress sexily. I have a good set of boobs which drives most men wild but not my husband. I use this to my advantage by usuing tigt tops with no bra. Men just love to stare. i noticed my husband's younger brother admiring my bidy a couple of times but i knew he wouldn't dare to ry anything. Since i was deprived i thought i might as well make the first move.

He was staying with us for some times as he was on a work assignment. One night i heard h im in the kitchen. My husband was asleep. So i went to the kitchen in my sheer night gown. He was shocked but thriled to see me n i could see him getting a hard on. I just walked away. the next day i wanted to go grocery shopping. My husband was too lazy, so his brother came with me. I wore a mini skirt and a lacey top. After shopping, he went to the car first. I went to the restroom to remove my chemisole so he could see my breasts beneath the lacey top. i got into the car and i knew his eyes nearly popped out. my nipples were erect as i was horny.

We got back to our apartment and i didnt get out of the car. He just looked at me and told me i was beautiful. I just grabbed him and kissed him long and hard. He was shocked but responded. He  was groping and touching my breasts through my blouse and i started to moan in pleasure. This encouraged him n he pulled my blouse down. My breasts were perked up n the nipples were hard stiff. He started pulling n pinching the nippples and he took them and started to s uck on them like a baby. I enjoyed it. He asked me if i wanted more. I said yes n we went to the back seat and made continous love for 2 hours. I was wild as i was deprived and he responded accordingly giving in to all my needs. I felt so relieved as my sexual needs were finally seen to. we went back to the apartment and my husband didn't suspect a thing. Later that night, we had another slow n romanic session in the kitchen while my husband was in bed.

This has been going on for 3 weeks now and im finally feeling like a woman. My husband still does not want to have sex. His brother seems to be doing a good job so i have no complaints

comita comita
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Do your husband and his brother a favor and divorce him. You're playing with fire.

Lucky man .. having u between his arms ..

This story sounds like a story line from a cheesy **** movie. I find it hard to believe what you are saying. But if you are that hot, then you should put your foot down and tell hubby what is going to happen. No luck, then just pack the marriage in. I do not want to beat you up but i find it hard to believe you had to have sex with your husbands brother, if your that hot you must have so many phone numbers from guys that it would fill any book up. And i hate to burst your bubble but my girlfriend soon to be wife is smoking hot and i let her read your story and she says there is something else going on that your not telling everybody, and i do not know what it is. And from my own experiences, i know many hot women and they have real high self esteem and most but not all would not jump a family member when their hubbies were not putting out.My girlfriend thinks you might be walking in the **** zone on your actions, again nothing personal.

Why did you marry this guy.

Ur husband a looser

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That is how a man gives his wife away!!!

dsnt really sound lyk a real story bt its intersting though.most probably your hubby is doin it outsyd so its *** 4 tat!!go girl.

haha sounds like it was written by a guy.

R u serious

great ,hope i wdu hve been in place of ur bro in law

I know ladies, if they have a clear mind, they would rather have secret lover's make-out at other locations rather than in the kitchen when the husband can just wake up and may be feeling thirsty and come to the kitchen for a glass of water at night. I don't think this story is real. I know some real stories, and I can tell that this one is fake. Yet, I think a lot of people who have commented here take it as real without thinking and questioning. Most people don't question anything in life anyway.

I know many hot ladies and just asked a few of them what they would do if their husbands could not put out. Read my lips, all said they would try and resolve the issues with their husbands, i.e.,counselling, medical tests and Psychologists if needed. All also said they would be more than willing to bring the sex toys into the bedroom to help keep things going. And all five also said they would not let any family member or bar fly jump their bones , they would show some restraint , they got married for a reason. Does any of this make sense?

lucky guy i wish i wud too **** u...............

There is a saying: If you don't GIVE a "ef you cee kay", you don't GET one either.... lol

im husband is not always home but his brother is.i want to have sex with him but dont know how to start pls help me

mandy wen e man u want 2 have sex w is around jus the 2 o u.u tel him u r goin 2 bath then wen u r thr u kol him and say "plz pass me my shampoo i 4got" then wen he comes to hand it over 2 u u drag him in2 e bathing room and start working on his ****.he wl neva leave yo presence

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This sounds like a fake story but it deserves comment.<br />
But there are women around who are like this lady in the story. They carry out sexual affair outside marriage and don't regret.<br />
Well the irony is that such women will not want their husband to have any affair though and if they catch their husband having any affair ..BOOM!<br />
Pathetic *****!!

Lovely and romantic story

I love sex and I have the energy for daily sexual transaction but my girl would rather prefer twice in a week. Honestly, i am starved.

I too am in a sexless marriage but I am a 28 year old woman!

hey ,can i tak to u

I have lived for alomost 10 years with NO Sex!!!<br />
I am a christian have done the honorablem thing standing by my husband and have wasted alot of time. <br />
I am in my prime and have had nothing,<br />
i really enjoyed sex, now finding out the first 20 years of our marriage it was only oince every 4 months. <br />
Have wasted alot of time and life is to short. Go for it honey. We do what we need to do.

Comita, you go girl! In life you have to get what you want and you wanted some sexual pleasure that wasn't being fulfilled. Hope you continue to get your needs met and continue to please your body and sexual desires!!


Is she going to depend on the younger brother for her sexual needs all the time or the younger brother would finally leave? What is she going to do when the younger brother leave? chase after him or settle down with the husband.Since she is not ready to work on her marriage but seek easy way out, she has bigger problem ahead. I dont pity such a lustful woman, who would do anything to satisfy her lust.

I must agree - this story is just too flaky to be true - but if it is, i give these comments....<br />
<br />
Yeah, i've wanted to bang some of my brother's girlfriends, but hey, he's my brother - could do that to him.<br />
<br />
You have some issues to deal with here sweetie. and i must add, it's 3 MONTHS??? not like three years (where i would understand grabbing ahold of anything hard- even if it was your brother in law.)

This story does not true and was most likely written by a man. I say FOR SHAME.

Question: Why'd you even marry your husband? If you're so proud of your voluptuous body, like to dress in ways to attract other men's attention, and as you said "use that to my advantage", then why marry in the first place? I'm no shrink but it sound much like you crave attention, in particular sexual attention outside your marriage, and may be a risktaker who loves the thrill of something secret and forbidden. Other than mentioning your husband in your opening sentence, the rest of your story focuses all attention on you and your escapades.<br />
<br />
Move on, gal. Don't wreck other lives, and possibly families by what you and bro-in-law have cooking, and your continued need for approval by seeking out sexual attention. Let your hubby and family go via divorce, and maybe look into some pro help as to narcissism. Your focus is on you, and you alone, so again my question: Why'd you even get married to your husband in the first place?

Big problem! Put yourself in your husband position you think you will be forgiven. Oh my God especially my brother get involve with you and you break their relationship for life. I think you have thought it over <br />
what will happen before you involve! So sad you have<br />
given up this marriage

Never wanting to be judgmental to any poster here in our little family. I understand the need for love, affection, and just hot sex! However, the b-n-l, what were you thinking. The other posters have said it best, your own marriage might be in deep peril, so that is certainly one set of lives that this affair has touched, but to add his brother into the mix means that two relationships (if this gets out) are going to be ruined. <br />
<br />
Sorry but it is difficult to support your actions. As I always tell my daughter it is not you the person I am upset with, but your actions. I cannot fault you for having needs and for seeking to fullfill them, although the affair route would not work for me, it just concerns me that you involved his brother, that is just an ultimate betrayal. I also want to back up a bit and say that the b-n-l also has huge blame for allowing himself to be suduced by his s-n-l! You are not completely to blame here! <br />
<br />
You should ask the b-n-l to leave your home so that temptation is a little further out of reach, and then make some heart wrenching decisions about the direction of your marriage. I wish you all the best here, this is such a very painful situation to be in, not limited to the affair, but the sexlessness of marriage, and I know this because my screen name says it all!<br />
<br />

You may feel a bit vindicated and that there is victory in your coroner. The truth be known, you most likely have just destroyed your marriage, although that in its self may not be all bad. <br />
Hot wild sex outside the marriage is not all that uncommon when a person is feeling neglected, however not with the brother-in-law! It is one thing to destroy your our own marriage, it is yet another to destroy a relationship between two brothers. Big mistake sister!