Long Lost Love Reunited

my story goes like this... 15 years ago, I met the love of my life, looking back now that is. it was summer of 1994, his sister and I were very good friends, we lived right next door to each other, he, J will be his name, was away and was returning home... we met, we liked each other instantly and it wasn't until early winter that we decided to start dating. throughout the next 4 years, J and I became high school sweethearts, the relationship wasn't the greatest as we were young and immature, so it was our senior year that I decided to call of the relationship, I realize that I had a whole life ahead of me...we broke up, for the next few years we kept close contact, strictly friends, although he always reminded me he wasn't over me and that one day he would have me back, so with that said I just knew we needed to stop talking completely so we can both move on, we didn't talk for about a year, It wasn't until July 2002 that I saw J again, he was at a bar with some old friends, we immediately kicked it off, we talked and update each other, both still single no children and he stated he was leaving out of the state to start a new fresh start and this was his last night here. I remember thinking to myself, it just isn't meant to be. Fast forward a few month later, I met a wonderful man, loving, caring man! someone I thought could erase this old flame out of my life and he did, or so I thought. 6 months into my relationship I get a call at work, to my surprise it was J... he was settled in with a girl in a new state and had had a dream about me and wanted to see how I was doing, I told him how in love I was with this new man and he express the same for his current gf. we talked here and there for the next year and eventually lost contact. Summer of 2005 he got my number from his sister and decided to call me, again we updated each other and talked and talked...I remember feeling so happy the times I would hear his voice, but thought nothing more of it then a friendship, he congratulated me on being married, I got married Sep 2004... and how happy he truly was for me. He then told me about his life and how he was about to have a baby, off coarse I felt nothing but sincere happiness for him... again we talked and talked here and there for another few months and eventually lost contact once again. it was my daughters 3rd birthday (4 years since I last spoke to J) that he again called me, same number, kicked it off once again, talked and talked and it was with great pleasure from both ends of how lucky we were to be friends..however it was short ended as we lost contact yet again...earlier this year March 2011 he contacted me via FB, we kicked it off again and this time we promised we would keep in better contact as we hated not speaking to each other for so long, he was not married (which I knew already via his sister) and also another child, a boy. we have talked and talked since then, about once a week if not more... I was taking a vacation with some girlfriends of mines, which he knew since we all went to school together. He asked if we could meet up since we had not seen each other in so long, so we made it a point to see each other, especially since I was near him. we met up one Saturday night at a local bar in the big city, my heart has never beat so rapidly in life...it was the craziest feeling i've ever felt..immediately we hug, longest hugged i've ever given anyone.. I know he felt the same. we talked all night, a lot of drinking was involved and one thing lead to another we ended up sleeping together, I was NOT drunk and neither was he, we were fully aware of what we were doing. the next morning I can home from my trip, I had not remorse...not guilt in me..all I kept thinking was that I needed to see him again. later on that afternoon he called me and express exactly what I was feeling, to make matters worse, he was coming into town in a few weeks to see his brother and sister. I was excited as I could ever be. we met up once again this time it was like we knew what we meeting up to do, it felt so real, felt like love again, felt like I was the young girl and he was the young boy I fell in love with... we both know that there is definitely something deep between us and also know that neither one of us want to leave our families, since we both have young children. I'm so lost and hurt and know that I must end this.. but part of me does not want to. I've been ignoring his calls and emails, but the urge to call him is in my heart...what should I do?
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I have written MY story in EP. I am in a similar situation. Bill and I met when we were kids and even in that youth I new that this was love. I was 14 and he was 17. It was so very like a movie. I was visiting my sisters apartment and there were young people out side playing records. Another guy I knew well was there and we too were very close friends. AND I saw this guy Bill. Across the yard and I just stared.
I watched his every move and he came over slowly and right there took me in his arms with a deep kiss.
For years we were together. As much as we could be. One night I gave him back his ring and he was hurt. I explained that I could only ever love him alone but Mom didn't like me having a steady at my age. And we kept this up for several years. One night after a date, (I was 20) and he told me goodbye. NEVER had he said this word to me. Never had it come from either of us. Here I was heart broken. I only felt that for some reason he wanted to end this and I had to let him go.
He moved to Ohio. And I tried to date others. But never felt that same warmth as when his arms were around me.
Eventually I married someone I didn't love. Bill was gone but not from my heart and mind. I had to force myself to move on. Bill was forever on my mind. I stayed in this loveless marriage for 29 years till I met Robert on the internet. And for the first time in my life I was not comparing him to Bill.
Now after 8 years with Robert, he has had a major stroke. His stroke was September 2012. I find myself alone and aching to be held. But Robert may never get better. He may never return to the lover and husband I once knew. I am so lonesome to feel a kiss and be held.
I made myself quite ill in worrying over our situation. Lost a great deal of weight. Robert is in an Assisted Living Facility. He's very depressed and sometimes suicidal. He can't walk nor speak and needs assistance to go to the bathroom as well as many other things.
Bored one night I searched Face Book for Bill. And found him. And to say the least we both have had these same feelings. He too had compared all his lovers to me.
Bill and I chat most every night in Skype. We don't take off our clothes nor anything else inappropriate. He honors my marriage vows and though he's single, he feels that our someday will come. We do say I Love You often but that is as far as it goes.
I want badly to see him and have him hold me, but Bill holds me back urging me to wait. He vows he will never say Good Bye again. Tells me, "40+ years we have waited to find each other again. What's a little more?"
I cannot divorce Robert. He has no other family. And is not a US citizen (Canadian)
So I want to see Bill. I tell him I can afford to fly up and get a hotel room for us... still he holds me back. He refuses to have me break my marriage vows. (for anyone that reads this, I know he lives with his daughter and her family. I have seen his grand-children in Skype)
And reading all these other comments I can see we are not alone.
Will Bill and I meet again? I don't know. But for now he keeps me breathing and smiling and putting one foot in front of the other.

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I reunited with my past love 2 years ago. He is truly the live of my life. I was a senior in college when we met in 1990. He was patient, sweet, loving and took care of me. Well, your 20's are sometimes too young to stay committed. He wanted space after a year and I found of he wanted to see someone else. We still saw each other from time to time, but I cokdnt wait for Jim to grow up. I married someone and moved away.<br />
I returned home after ten years and two years ago my cousin saw my ex. He asked about me and she said the smile on his face was like a kid at Christmas. She saw him six weeks later and she gave him my number. Need I say anymore? Talking to him was like he never went awa. But he is married with kids and do am I. We talked off and on and decided to meet. We almost slept together, but he stopped; he wasn't ready and I have not talked to him since.<br />
I love him and have lived him for over 20 yrs. we both live in not do ideal marriages, but we work at keeping it together. I take pride in knowing that he stays away because he knows how we feel for each other and always have. <br />
Men usually do not leave their marriages or relationships, especially when kids are involved. Women are emotional and men are logical. <br />
My advice to you is to try and keep your marriage together. Your hubby had an emotional affair and you went one step further. It doesn't matter who did it first. It was done.<br />
You were going to sleep with your ex anyway because of how u have always felt about him. You guys live each other and that won't change. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.<br />
Forgive your husband and try to stick it out. If he found out about your slip up, he would be hurt too.<br />
I had to think of my kids in whom i would die for. Think of your daughter.

I say, follow your heart! I too have reunited with a high school love. It was 1967, 2 girls in love and scared to death. She listened to her heart, I listened to my mother. After 45 years nothing ever felt so right as being in her arms. We are old now, but for one week we felt like we were 17. She went back to her partner, I went to my husband, we both sobbed as we said goodbye in the airport. My life will never be the same, I live everyday with an emptiness that cannot be filled. It's horrible. If I could, I would leave and be with her, but at 62 years old it would kill my family. What will I do?? Who knows, right now I live with a broken heart.

Follow your dreams.... <br />
I have a similar story which I have posted here. No one has read it. I believe that you can reunite with long-lost love... people are doing it with a greater frequency than ever thanks to social media. <br />
People will try to tell you not to, or tell you it's crazy, but there are studies which show that the one we fall in love with when we are young, actually causes a chemical reaction in our brain and in a sense we are "imprinted" on each other. A very high percentage of reunited couples stay together, even after very long separations.<br />
I wish you the best of luck!

Were your vows a convenience? Did you feel it and then not? I've been the guy on the end of convenience, still talk to her. Hate her & Love her. Been 12 years now & she has my children who still don't understand exactly what happened.<br />
Constantly questions herself.... leading me to question my choice to let her go.. She is still with him & I am still bouncing around. They have good time for sure, I'll not hear from her directly for a year here or there but our feelings are always in the background.<br />
It hurts.<br />
Be sure where you step.<br />
If it be true love, lust, fling, interest, new excitement or the past that could have been.

I don't think my marriage was convenience, I was truly deeply in love with my husband, but last year I caught him having an emotional affair and I think I have not gotten' over it, which leads me to questions if I should stay in this relationship or not and also my daughter keeps me here as well. when my ex came in the pic, things were already rocky between my husband and I...its been 12 years since you separated? my daughters happiness comes above all and the last thing I want to do to her is make her suffer, I come from divorce parents and it hurt a lot when they split up, so its hard for me to choose knowing what she can potentially feel!

2010 was a marked year for my life. Yes. 12, I've not really moved on but will be by 2012, that is another marked year for me. Counseling helps.
If your daughter is in a house where love is true she will be fine. If there is conflict it will be harder... But its about finding and making sure the love is true.
I would say distance yourself from your previous love, decide where you are &amp; what you want to be. Remember counseling can help. Turns out we all need a good Soundboard that is truly netural. I know it may be hard but be sure you are true to your vows. BTW have you shared these thoughts with your old flame? He may not be so keen...

yes J and I have talked and we both know we don't want to leave our families, at least for the sake of our children..I have distance my self from him, because like you said I need to get my head on straight. i'm looking into getting some counseling, it seems like it what I need to do to get over other internal issues so i can move pass this affair...Thinking I don't think its what I want!

I wish you well, take your time &amp; make sure you're seeing all things clearly... in the end it will all be about a lifelong love &amp; bond.

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Get a divorce. <br />
<br />
Teach your children to marry people they love instead of marrying out of convenience.

its easier said then done, and I do agree marry for love! although if and when love runs out, then what? it leaves to me to question if LOVE even truly exist!

thanks outmymind, I know exactly what you mean..I have a lot of thinking to do and sorting out all my emotions! its all very overwhelming and the last thing I want to do is hurt the people around me or around him!

Just make sure you dont confuse the excitement of a fling with love! You need to stay distant from your lover untill your sure.But my recomendation is stay true to the one you made your vows with.Be honest

Many people will be hurt ,as i have been on recieving end of this break up two families or break 2 hearts tough decision but make it quikly dont do it 15 yrs down the road. Good luck.