The Truth!!

I just had to share this, I thought it was so funny!

I was talking to a friend - not a particularly close friend - but one who knows I'm out of the marriage and am just waiting for my house to sell and I'm physically gone too. She was asking how I was and things - I said good - she asked how's your new guy - good too. Then she asked if I'd told stbx I was seeing someone else? Oh no, best not I said. Yes, she agreed. Then she looked thoughtful - well, she said, your husband never liked women anyway did he??

Just makes you wonder doesn't it? Did everyone else know something I didn't?? Well I do now! xx
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2011

I should ask her to elaborate I think - I was kind of in shock though - as well as trying not to laugh too hard - very intriguing x

I wonder how many of the refuser husbands dont like women but just cant face that particular fact?

My wife's version: "He never liked women. I hoped I could change that." My version: "I thought I'd end up liking women a lot. She changed that."

That is a very unexpected comment indeed. I take it your friend didn't elaborate on that?

Thanks matey. Doesn't need a comment really does it? Just wish someone had told me sooner, lol xx

Hi - long time no see... Glad all is going well.<br />
No wise comment from me, just saying well done and good luck.