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Christmas Eve

I started to send a messageto all of those in my circle. My computer crashed. I realized I was supposed to post are all my circle.

I am sending this to all the friends in my circle. Thank you for all you have done for me these past few months. To have a support group helps me endure and helps keep me open minded....and to have experienced "elders" (those that have been there)gives me hope. It is an experience....just like the name. One that I am proud to be part of. Peace, blessings and love to all of you.....Happy Holidays.....Rusty
rustyrod rustyrod 56-60, M 11 Responses Dec 24, 2011

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i dont know if i am in your circle of friends? Sorry your computer crashed ! That is a pretty good post.

May the Spirit of Christmas bring you closer to peace and further away from your wife!

rusty ur name is not a common one............. my brother name is rusty.... out side of u and my brother i think i might of meet one other rusty...... hope ur xmas is a good one

Thanks Rusty. I too hope 2012 will bring you all you hope for.<br />
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Thank you Rusty -<br />
<br />
Hope you too have a nice holiday and find peace in the new year.

Thank you Rusty -<br />
<br />
Hope you too have a nice holiday and find peace in the new year.

i wish you happiness...hope you find it in the new year!

Happy Christmas, may this next year bring you closer to being who you want to be. x

I'm not in your circle, so I'm glad you posted. You're among family here Rusty. Good tidings, Brother.

Blessings and good will to you Rusty.

Merry Xmas, Rusty..I wish you much peace and love in the coming year. Xmas Eve plays a.pivotal role in my journey here. B,.my old flame, chose this night to make a play for me. It failed.miserably and.upset me enough that within 3 weeks.I took to the web on search of information about.sexless marriages.<br />
<br />
...and now you know the rest of the story (tm)<br />
<br />
Like you, Rusty, I am extremely grateful for all of you and what we have here.