My Husband Told Me He Hates Me.

My life in review:
Met him in 1996, Got married at 18 (in 1998), tried having kids but was unsuccessful and it caused some strain on our relationship, I changed jobs alot because I was trying to find what was right for me, he has split us up 4 times before, he cheated on me...I cheated on him, im always the one fighting to save our marriage, I got a good job, thought things were looking up, economy went to **** and we lost our home and vehicles, I got pregnant and had a miscarriage, got laid off from my job, he left...we got back together, I got pregnant and things started looking up again, had a beautiful baby boy (who's gonna be 2 in a few days), I enrolled in a local college because I want to become a nurse, now he wants a divorce.
I honestly can not think of any reason why he would look me in the face and say I HATE YOU. If anything I should be saying that to him. He told me that he wanted me to go to school, then a couple weeks ago told me I was worthless because I dont have a job. Im a FT mom and college student and now he wants me to work FT. He doesnt do anything as a family anymore. He sits in front of the TV everyday after he gets home from work and has been doing the same on the weekends. He starts fights with me constantly. I cant take it anymore and I think divorce would be best. It still hurts though. Why is he so back and forth and full of drama all the time? He doesnt do anything with our son and I have pretty much raised him alone thus far, but he expects to have rights. How do I trust him to take care of him? And is it wrong for me to feel that he shouldnt have that right since he hasnt had anything to do with him? I dont have any friends to talk to or hang out with. I feel so broken and alone. I keep trying to figure out what I did and I hate it. We havent had sex in almost 3 years now. I was pregnant the 1st year, the second year was trying to get used to life with a baby, and the third I initiated several times but he denied me. That made me feel worse so we havent slept in the same bed in a year.
I would leave but I have no one. I dont have a job but have been looking. I think of everything we went thru and eventho I have my son now, I never really had the chance to grieve the loss of a child. Then adding the look on his face when he said he hates me. How can he really feel that way?
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I appreciate ALL the comments. I know that I need to be the one to commit to leaving for good this time...I, just like many of you, needed a place to go for perspective. I'm just looking for answers because it is hard to deal with. And when your so close to or in a situation sometimes you just get blinded and lost in the pain. Like I said I have been looking for a job, and Im now trying to figure out where me and my son can go. I found out he took my name off our apartment lease so I dont think there is much I am able to really do to be able to stay here anyway. He always gets what he wants so why bother fighting it?

You have suffered too much.

JC, he split you up 4 times and cheated on you. Your marriage has been a disaster since before the wedding day. You have tried to get your way - studying, parenting, etc. and he does not want to be the support person for that.<br />
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Put yourself in his shoes - why would he support a woman he does not care for? Why would he give you what you want when you don't give him what he wants? He may be an a**hole - but you are a pretty selfish person too IMO. You have structured your life around what you want and are not really prepared to give him what he wants.<br />
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I suggest you explore the options for single parent support and / or student support. Find another single mother who wants to house share. Study part time and work part time. You CAN live alone and you CAN make your life a better one.

No thats just the thing. Everything he wanted I always gave to him or I didnt complain if it was something he bought/did for himself. I supported him when he changed jobs or went to school for his type of work. Yes it seemed like I was the one working harder to fix things but if he truly didn't want to be together than why did he even bother to come back? I never "trapped" him with the kid either. After I miscarried he claims he left because it was hard on him. When we got back together he suggested trying again. So thats what messes with my head. Why put me thru all of that if you dont love me? And as far as college goes...yes I should have done that before i got married but I believed him when he said he accepted me the way I was and wanted take care of me. I worked too. I started school because I was laid off recently from a job at a local government office. I had average office experience and looking for a job that a whole lot of other people were looking for. So he told me to go to Nursing school if thats what I wanted. At the end of the first semester he tells me that I need a job. I said ok...then two weeks later he wants a divorce. He is constantly going back and forth. Isnt marriage about talking, planning, agreeing, and succeeding/fulfilling a plan or goal? I never forced him to do what makes you say that I was the selfish one? Just asking because I seriously want to know so I never repeat my mistake. I just dont know what more I can give.

Yes, honey, he does hate you. He has been trying to escape you for years but you keep pulling him back. He feels trapped. With a child, he feels more trapped than ever. It doesn't matter how much YOU love him, he has long since stopped wanting to be with you. If you really love him, stop his suffering. It'll stop yours too. Get a counselor to help you navigate your pain. <br />
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It totally sucks. Best to get it over with soon so you don't hate each other all the time. You've got a precious baby boy to raise without bitterness. <br />
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Princess BeRational

Princess you really nailed it IMO.

Why is it, in your opinion, that you seem to think I trapped him and kept pulling him back? Im not one of those girls who would sit there and constantly nag him to get back together. Things just seemed to fall back into place and we would get back together. Yes I said I felt like I was always the one trying to keep our marriage together. And what I meant by that was I always gave into what he wanted. I would always be the one to make sacrifices. As long as I was working and he was taking from me he was happy. And as I replied to another person above....when we got back together the last time after the miscarriage he suggested trying again. So why would he bother if he really hated me and didnt want to be together?

I didn't say or suggest that you hounded him back. Rather, I suspect he feels responsible for you and that has driven him back when he wanted to escape. I believe he is probably deeply conflicted and your ever-present love and forgiveness has been his trap. Thus, he hates you.

Sorry I misunderstood you...eventhough I know its over this time for good I cant help but to try to make sense of things. If Im doing something wrong I want to know so I can fix myself too. This all just sucks so bad.

First, get out. If you want to go to school full time, you will likely find emergency financial aid available for someone with a "change in life circumstance". Call the school tomorrow and find out. While you're at it, call family services and find out what type of assistance you might be eligible to receive. Get as much mental health help as is beneficial to you to get through this. You'll amaze yourself with how strong you are once you stop trying to prop up a dead relationship by yourself. And, yes, it totally sucks. But we have to deal with the world as we find it, not as we wish it to be.

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"Why" is he an arsehole ?<br />
<br />
Does it greatly matter ?<br />
<br />
The result - the disintegration of the marriage - doesn't alter one iota.<br />
<br />
Hard stuff to deal with. But you DO have to deal with it. Go see a lawyer. First thing tomorrow.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

I don't know how to tell you this. But LISTEN to what he's saying. And LISTEN to his actions. He may not have any reason to hate you and he may not even hate you all the time, but his actions are not those of love. But do you know what I think he really hates? He hates the adult responsibility of being a husband and a father. And you are the human manifestation of that responsibility that he's failing to live up to - so yes, maybe he's focusing his hate on you. <br />
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Do not listen to the 14 yo lesbian about getting satisfaction by leaving first. But go get yourself to a lawyer (it may be to your advantage to stay where you are and have him leave, I don't know). If you are at university you may be able to access low-cost or free legal advice. But do listen to her about what a crappy situation you're in. Even a 14 year old can see that.

Self-righteous? Moi? Just experienced. It's fine to break up first with a high school boyfriend for the sake of 'getting in their first', but in the real world there's rent and childcare to pay.

Try looking past the surface.

Modern Waste, I'm sure you mean well - but hey! How would you feel if all of us "oldies" got onto a site used by you and your teen friends and started telling you how to run your lives . . . ? And we HAVE been teens! You have never been an adult woman in a sexless marriage. . . . . Go back to your own experiences please.