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OK! Ok! I Cant Take It Anymore!

He is so nice that when he eat whip cream out of the can I said I can think of other things to use that on and all I got was a dirty look! Sexless for 6 months and I feel like I am ether Dieing or something I am going out of my mind is he cheating and why? I am a good cook .I fish ,I hunt, I love cars, I love sports of all types. I am not bad looking what did I do? When I ask why? It is the bills the kids of whom are teenagers or some other lame reason. If he is cheating how do I know for sure I cant hire anyone to find out so what to do? HELP!!!!


mydog2 mydog2 41-45 7 Responses Apr 19, 2008

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He is not cheating . if he was he would have sex with you for sure .<br />
<br />
he is just sick ! Like my husband !<br />
<br />
Do not underestimate yourself , your beauty ,your powers ,.... when they are blind they can not see you !<br />
<br />
I am writing to you now while I am so beautiful , a model , strong ,understanding,caring , smart ,educated ,young ,modest ,humble, passionate , sexy ,But maybe unfortunately so faithful and respectful .<br />
<br />
I am sure he an dyour husband never cheat because they have lived with us ...women whom they rarely can find out there !<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
For first night we started living under same roof ( married) I asked that question that "what was wrong with me " and at the end I realized that nothing is wrong with me and I am just too good for him !<br />
<br />
They don't deserve us ! ( That is the wrong thing ).

It is either, "It is the bills the kids of whom are teenagers ...": or he is cheating on you. <br />
<br />
In my case, its the bills and unending burdens she loads on me without a wit of thought as to how we shall pay for it. Since I am a mule, why should I want to sleep with her -- or something like that.

I do not think it something he does behind your back .. most likely he simply lost the drive to have sex .. and I loved the comment of tselliott: "My husband didn't realize I was naked last week!!" LOL, I can be naked around my wife as much as I want .. nothing, nada, she does not even want to look at me. 19years!! you are wasting your life elliott!

I ask him if their is someone else he gets explosive and says no if their was we would not be together. The black light sounds good but what if their is? Is it his or someone else?I want to see who and what and why to help me understand before I leave him. Maybe I am crazy thats what love will do sometimes. Six mounths is bad enough I can wait 19 years. I like every day some times more then 1x aday that is why this is crazy that is what we had what happend?

Get yourself a hand held blacklight and check his dirty underwear. ***** stains flouresce and blacklight will make them show up. If you find any, then hire a Private Investigator.

My husband didn't realize I was naked last week!! No sex for 19 years. It sucks. It really doesn't matter why...I fish, hunt, take care of his business on the computer, etc and he always has an excuse too. I just gave up.

One way to tell is if he can't look at you when he talks to you. Maybe you need to follow him or have a friend do it. Have you asked him if there is someone else?? See what his response is and watch his eyes to see if he is lying.