The End

This morning, my divorce was granted. Strangely, I feel no jubilation, no real happiness. No regrets, just sorry that it had to be
this way.

Twenty-three years.

I want to express my gratitude to all the people I have corresponded with here.

To Nitwitty, Whenif, Flyingstone, rabbitjourney, bluespruce, ggone, enna30, hl42, cheysghost and many others who commented on my stories.

To my special friend, childofweakness, with whom I have enjoyed communicating; I so hope you find the happiness you deserve.

To Bazzar and Wendigo who both ***** slapped me when I richly deserved it. I may not agree with your stances, but you certainly
gave me food for thought.

And especially to Tammi, whose love and support has kept me going throughout this process.
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7 Responses Jan 20, 2012

Besides being happy for you - sexy, cultured, delightful man that you are - I'm in awe of your courage. You did it!! Good for you, and I hope your self-esteem is through the roof! Do keep us posted how things are going for you. We care, and wish you the very best! :)))

congratulations..and i can relate to the sensation of felling nothing..but i expect in a few days will have a bit of a melt just hits you at odd moments..over odd situations..but..the good news least now you are in control of your life..and have an opportunity for a loving and caring life..but it is up to you to make it happen and to keep it on wishes..and may the coming years be all you expected them to be...and more...

Very well said Neui!!

Live love laugh<br />
<br />
Courage my friend!

<b>Theaterlover 2.0</b>. Has a possible ring to it. Very trendy.

Might be good, as long as it doesn't refer to another SM

Naw! Don't be superstitious. Don't predict doom! Just wait patiently for it. ;-).

Best of luck to you in your future! Just a word of caution...., go slow, tread carefully, never ever end up the victim of another refuser.

TL, I am moved beyond words (not quite but almost!! lol) by your story. You are the epitome of a man with the ability to learn from his experiences and to choose the hard but rewarding road of living a life that is true to your authentic self. And you are doing it at a time in your life when many use their age as an excuse for doing nothing.<br />
<br />
I hope very much that the beautiful loving and SEXY woman you truly deserve is waiting breathlessly for you, just around the corner . . . !!! {{{Hugs}}}

With any luck, I have met her!

That is so good to hear!! I hope the two of you find joy and happiness together - oh! And lots of great intimate sex!

I don't know you Theatre, but I truly wish you well. It's a tough road, but you had the courage to move forward. That is an inspiration to all of us who remain behind the SM fence. Please continue to post and tell us about your new life.