Moving Day

She moves today. I move in 2 weeks. Do I have to leave the group?
Oh, I guess its more like I GET to!
Hehehe I guess I will join "I ate it in a divorce settlement" :-D
BrainiumCranium BrainiumCranium 56-60, M 8 Responses Feb 4, 2012

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With much trepidation you take the first step. Then a smile.

I got out in November last year. I got to the sex part a week ago. Having intimacy with someone who loves intimacy too, who means something to you and who finds you attractive is just unlike anything I've experienced in my life. Best thing ever!

You ARE going to be fine. When you get a little further on, you'll know why I am so certain for your future. Enjoy this, it's been hard. Be gentle on yourself, it's been hard. You are acting as the master of your life, as long as you continue to do this you WILL be fine.

Good luck on your road, don't leave us though :)

Thank you ... helpful it is :)

LOL congrads to you! Stay with the group. I am sure you have made friends here and the newbies will be so happy to talk to someone who has walked through the fire. A new group should form ....I left a sexless marriage or the title that RickiChickie suggested. Then the newbies could find out what it is like after leaving a marriage like that.

Create a new group! I lived in a sexless marriage.

I hope you will be able to enjoy your new single life! ;-)

mmmmmmmm me too!

Yes..true no sex yet but you have the opportunity to do so unhindered or with the strings of marriage on your conscious. You can also coach us too! Good luck!

I feel nothing like a guide for others. There was no honor, no greatness in what is playing out. I have no wisdom, it is still a shock, it's very dusty and reverberant in the house, who know when there will even be another cuddle? Much less a blow job, lol! Today's received guidance is "just chill" :)

It doesn't feel like success yet, since I haven't gotten to the sex part yet. All I did was lose the marriage part. So much work!!!!

I'm with you there.. got out about two weeks ago.. mostly empty house now.. But, I'm sure it will get better.. I hope..

Congratulations theaterlover--I just filed. It will get better --I am going to play music and dance around after I am divorced lol

No don't leave. Stay and help the rest of us get out. You are a success story and we need those desperately here. Congrats, by the way. When it comes to divorcing out of an SM, even when you lose (eating it), you win.


No, you don't have to leave the group. Now you join the 2012 graduating class and pass on support to the newbies. Enjoy your move!