I Miss Him

I have only been married since August of 2006. I have been with the same man now for almost 4 years and here lately the sex has stopped. I got pregnant around Spetember and the baby is due in June. We only 2 months ago got the internet here and  I feel like he's talking to someone else on here. We haven't had sex in almost 3 months and before we got legal (married) it was an all the time thing for us. He's always on the net. Marriage if supposed tobe a bliss, right? Then why am I so down?
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Hi FO. I was just looking at some past stories and wondering how your situation is, currently?

I attempted counseling one time and he refused. I tried to make it work but it just didnt.

I never said I wanted to slave him!

Wow bitlord... your comment was really cold. Thanks for sending horrid memories down my back... You're right though, he didn't desire me or he wouldn't have treated me so damned badly. We're separated now and I am with a man that DOES DESIRE ME!!!

i have to agree with the poster that said that a lot of men are afraid (mostly as they see the physical changes in their partner) that they will hurt the baby. you should encourage your partner to go with you to your obgyn and have them help your husband to understand that sex does absolutely nothing to the developing fetus. he might be reluctant, but it is something that might help. also another problem is maybe he is ashamed of being attracted or even unattracted to the pregnant form. some men find it erotic others find it well... not. in that case get you some toys and ride it out after talking to your spouse.

Have you tried to instigate sex or are you waiting for him to make the move. Some men have a hard time seeing their pregnant wife as a sexual ob<x>ject. He may even be scared that he's going to hurt you or the baby. <br />
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In an ideal world, communication is great, but some couples don't work like that. Try instigating sex. If he actually pushes you away, then you have something to communicate about. <br />
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BTW I got married in Dec 2006 and it's not always bliss. Don't believe the hype

A lot of couples have this problem. You get into a rut on it and just can't seem to get back out. The kids, while innocent, don't help the situation. Communication with spouse is first step.