Need To Feed My Hunger !

I have been Married for 15 years now. However, I have been Totally & Completely sexLESS for over 6 years now. I mean NOTHING AT ALL - PERIOD ! I LOVE & MISS a Woman's Touch & Taste. most of all, I miss the closeness & companionship. I LOVE to please a Woman Orally & give her a full body massage. Now that my marriage is over, I want to finally enjoy a woman again. Just because my wife don't have sexual desires anymore doesn't mean I have to suffer the loss !

TheVirgoFox TheVirgoFox 36-40, M 1 Response Apr 9, 2012

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good luck with that one. are you thinking of rekindling the spark or outsourcing?

Outsourcing, YES : Definitely !

never tried it. a lot of ppl say its messy. some say they've regretted it.

Oh my... Allow me to Clarify... When I say outsourcing : I meant finding a woman who would enjoy my attention, love and devotion. My kids mom (soon to be EX wife) has "dead / non working body parts" and does not desire to be touched at all, in any way shape or form. That does NOT mean "MY" sex life or sexual desires are over & done with. So, I think it is "Finally" time I outsource my desires and cravings to someone else... Quite frankly, I am shocked that I held out this long. A person can only touch them self for so long... Eventually we ALL NEED Another's touch... OUTSOURCING.


okay most ppl here on ep affiliate "outsourcing" with cheating. not divorcing and finding love somewhere else.

Thank you for educating me. It is always a good feeling to learn from an intelligent woman. Women always make the best teachers in life..., in all things !

hehe nice

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