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We Are Like Room Mates

I have been married for 36 years and the last 5have been pretty loney.we go out to dinner, got out with friends,but then we come home and are like strangers,it has been over 1 and half years since he has tried to be intimate,I have talked and to him on howI feel we are disconnected.he says I can't help I have a problem and I feel terrible about it,he even got some pills bur still nothing. He is out of town working and has Internet issues,so now I wonder who is chatting with or talking to.he has put a pass code on the cell phone bill ,so I can't see anything and no access to his emails either,so right now iam feeling pretty alone .i can't talk to girls because they think things are ok,,they knew about his affair 13 years ago.he has kept in touch with her all these years even thou she also is married and he knows how much this hurts me...I just need someone to talk too...
Shortcut2u2003 Shortcut2u2003 61-65 1 Response Apr 15, 2012

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He is cheating....