Sexless Marriage Anonymous

I think it's time we all need to create a chapter in each of our a passing thought over a strong cup of Saturday morning coffee.
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maybe you ond your spouse should trying wearing diaper and powdering each other down below and see how much fun that is might warm up the old sex life

Sounds like a crappy idea to me...

The problem is they no longer desire it, so that means it is no longer something worth thinking about. So when you raise the issue, it's "Oh, Christ not THAT again.. Can't you just go in the bathroom or something? Just don't tell ME anything about it." <br />
<br />
When the libido disappears, the refuser's intellect takes one hell of a hit at the same time. She no longer has the capacity to consider that there are two people in an actual, well, ... relationship. There are NOT two people, there's only her. And you of course. And if you push it, what you get back is "How do you think that makes ME feel?" So you end up feeling guilty because by expressing your needs you're making her feel bad about not doing that messy filthy stuff and now she feels just awful and how could you DO this to her?!! You are horrible!" It's like half her brain goes into mothballs; Intellect Which Shall Never Be Used Again.

Interesting perception...
gotta chew on that one a lil while
joyinthejourney, clg

I'm crackin up!<br />
Nice way to greet my morning...finding joyinthejourney

We should gather an equal number of men to an equal number of women to meet and create local chapters. For example: Lets just say five men who are living in a sexless marriage have a meeting with five women (note: there is an EP Group called I am a woman in a sexless marriage) in the same sad hell. Each member brings a profile and a photo of the spouse who is very happy with such a ridiculous relationship. Then we all try to match up our sexless spouses, have them meet, get married to a NOW PERFECT MARRIAGE FOR THEM and divorce us normal people so we can all be free from this living hell. NOW just like that old V05 shampoo commercial if we tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on we can all be free from this BS existence.<br />
HOW'S THAT for a productive meet.

Outstanding! You are the brains of the operation!

Hahaha! Thank you. My next order of business is to know thy enemy. I just noticed there is a I Am Celebate EP group. Wow I will read what they have to say and I suggest everyone to find their spouses there. My husband may be there now! I KNOW he is not sleeping with me!

OMG...your a freakin GENIOUS!

Fantastic, a true pyramid operation in a good cause.

Thank you... I have spent years just thinking since there is nothing else to do. Now I DO what I am thinking and I feel 5,000 times better. NOW ANY Celebate loving WIVES out there? I HAVE this nice, good looking 6' 4" 220 blond hair blue eye man looking for a true buddy to love with. You will need to know how to cook and be the secretary to everything without any office playing. Don't remember what he has in his pants but you won't care so it is all good. Contact me for I am his pimp. Highest bidder wins! LOL

want another one? I'll send my beefy hunk of sexless ice your way. He's gorgeous, fit, well endowed, potent, but would only delivers duty sex 1x per month if that and he's hard as a rock lively as an undertaker's charge, lays more still and lifeless than any large roadkill. Ah, but he's doing his duty.

GREAT idea!

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A few of us met in our city here, and I wandered the restaurant 3 times before one of them got up to see if I was the missing person! LOL. You DEF need a sign, like "ILIASM CONVENTION BLUE ROOM" :)

I'm afraid if we sexless ones by force, not by choice, physically got together in local mtgs. it would be anarchy! I AM STARVING...literally, don't think I could handle a whole group with this particular issue...


it would be like water served during a long and painful drought. The host of parched people would drink until they were sick!

What's the recognition symbol?

I'm counting on the more creative individuals on this board to help me out...

maybe a secret handshake..

Grab your balls and wink?

Hey, don't leave the girls out! lol

wear some symbol xx

I guess it has to be a SLF badge on the lines of CND or something. Maybe a bacon-scented one...

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