You tell me you want me home to give up my job and come home but in the same breath you tell me you hate me and cant guarentee it will work.
Am I selfish to want to continue to work when I know if I come home I will struggle to get a job. You say you are prepared to love in a tent with someone you love. Ok maybe I am selfish but I'm not prepared to have to start all over again with nothing if things dont work out.I have worked hard to get to where I am ok it may not be much but its ours and I'm to old to go backwards.
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No one who loves you would ask you to take an action that directly harmed you.

The games they play. the way your head gets tangled up in them.

They give enough to make you want to stay and yet hold back.

It is torture.

*Hugs* BD. Life is never easy, especially with love in the mix! All we can do is what we believe is right, and let the chips fall where they may. At this point in our lives, life is a painful lesson not matter what choices we have made.

"I have worked hard to get to where I am ok it may not be much but its ours and I'm to old to go backwards." I like this, very honest and very true. Thanks for sharing.

Unless you are working an unreasonable amount of time (100h/week) or something, this probably is just controlling behaviour.

...any special reason why she can't come to you if she wants to be near you?

And, I agree, keep the job.

Take it from me. DO NOT GIVE UP THAT JOB!!!!!!!

Any progress, since your last story, on your exit strategy ?

Tread your own path.

You are not a risk taker. You prefer the known to the unknown. There is no right or wrong in that; it is what it just is. Getting married is a risk, no two ways of loooking at it. Trying to stay married is quite the ultimate punt. You get to choose. You get an opportunity to take a risk or pass on it. You don't get to eat your cake and keep it. Life truly is a ***** and then...