My Husband Is Small

Ive been married to my husband who I love for many years and have been able to deal with him having a small private part(about 4 inches)but lately its hard to take and my thoughts keep racing back to an old fantasy of mine about being made love to by a muscular,tall black man with a big package who keeps making love to me over and over.Many black men have tried to get in my pants but I did not let them and now im ready!
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Im have been married for 9 years and im also very small at 3.5" My wife and i have sex about once a month if im lucky.. We are very limited on our positions... in order for me to reach we have very few options.. i know its no fun for her.. and would love for her to have a stud to service her a few times a month.. kind of a turn on for me! but im unshure how to talk about it or hint that it would be ok.. she does like to flirt alot!! and is very attractive.. Aaron

Why don't you get a Strap On FOR HIM....... to use on you?

I'm small too and found one thats made for men. The ***** we got is soft on the outside but a firm core, and very life-like...! She loves it, and I love the fact that I can finally please her with a **** much bigger than my own. It's a blast.

I agree with "thonlysolution". With a strap on prosthesis I can be as normal instead of micro in size. It changed my love life and I wish I had known about such long ago but glad to have it now. I highly recommend it for those for couples where husband is too small or micro.

First option: Toys (there is many as you want, and many of them you didn't even know that existed and what are for, so you can always role-play Marco Polo)<br />
<br />
Second option: Ask for your husband's opinion (WARNING: Depends on his personality how will he react, no one shouldn't know it better than you, but you never know, as the taste of a food that you never tried)

You want my ex-boyfriend? He's a tall, muscular black man with a big package and he wanted sex all of the time. He also has no job, no money, does not own or rent a house or apartment, does not have a car, lost his license due to a DUI, and doesn't care about anything but smoking pot and drinking beer.<br />
<br />
Be happy with your four-incher. Many many things are more important than sex and a fantasy should stay a fantasy.

I truly believe people get married at too young of an age, or live out their youthfulness when they are young, and want to make up for lost time when they get older. Your married now, I assume you knew your husband had a small penis before, but now you have this desire to be with a "black man". Sorry, but you should have gotten all that out of your system when you were in your 20's. Your in your 40's now, start acting like a 40 year old. Buy the biggest black ***** you can find and have sex with that. At least then, you won't be cheating and won't break hubby's heart. Better yet, maybe you can even include him in your new found toy, he may actually enjoy that also.

I agree with you, where has this lady been for all her married years, in never-never land

i have been with a lot of couples<br />
<br />
I know I am only slighltly above avg or their husbands with small<br />
<br />
but too much emphasis is on gets the job done (ie can produce good *****)

Have you ever considered that he use a strap on. I have a g/f who is married and after her husband **** she still is horny so he straps on a ***** until she ****.

If your husband still wants to make love with you at least you have that. I do not even remember what my husband has. I have not seen him without any clothes for nearly twelve years. I actually remember my past relationships better with what they were packing. I do remember my Husband being larger but what does it matter if he wants a sexless marriage? I do remember dating one man who was 4" and he I was happy for a few years. Sex was not the reason why we broke up. I had the best looking AND well endowed UNCIRCUMCISED penis AND HE WAS SOOOO BORING. I HAD to leave him after four encounters. He was great at foreplay and could set a fire in me then poured water over it once the actual sex started. <br />
I had a boyfriend who was hung OMG but inexperienced to the point where he relied on his size over everything. If he was average then he would need much more than his average size to keep a woman in his bed. He was a great guy though.<br />
So you will never know what you get.<br />
Always think about the other side. What if men thought "oh too loose, too fat, or even too thin, no shape. Boobs to small or sags. They do just like us women do. <br />
My suggestion to you is toys with your husband, learn about squirting and I hope you are still giving him BJs how easy it that with that size! Give and receive.<br />
Good luck and think it through. IF he is not interested in you then that is a different story.

Gotta love stereotypes, or how about a midget? if you can bare the smell of cabbage.<br />
Or what if your husband isn't small and you're big?


........OMG I can't remeber, wait, south park, hillarious episode and Cartman keeps saying that midgets smell like cabbages lol

Oh I feel sorry for you...not because youre dealing with a small penis though. Size is really overated, lots of women get better sex with a less endowed but more skilled lover, and even with another woman and no substitutions involved. I bet there are lots of unhappy women sleeping with tall, well hung black men! Try doin some kegels, and find your clitorus. Also think of how you would feel if your H had an affair because he thought you were loose.

What happens if you pick some random black guy who has a small penis?

Good grief! Some of the lousiest lovers are hung like horses. There is more to satisfying sex than a big @@@@ attached to some animated piece of meat that you have ob<x>jectified. The man, his personality, his value as another human being, comprise what matters. Buy a blow up animatronic man-doll so you can use this ob<x>ject at your leisure instead of ob<x>jectifying another human being. Perhaps this would work for you.

I smell a troll.....

At 4" he would not be classified as small although below the claimed average. Mass-wise his **** is bigger than your brain or your non-existent compasssion.

You have sex with a person, not a penis.

Well...hopefully a penis is at least involved! ; )

Ha! :)

Uh, wrong forum. See the "I'm bored with my husband's small penis so I'm gonna cheat on him" forum. <br />
<br />
You know, my wife only had one breast. Can't say I had any raging fantasies about women with double the breasts. <br />
<br />
Then again, I don't know what it is like to love someone and want to betray them. <br />
<br />
That's just me.

..........i'm sorry to hear that fm, and i agree.

Honestly, after a month it didn't matter to me. While I loved my stbx wife's body heart and soul (even with the personality problems she had). The only problem sexual problem I had with it was that I was afraid to hurt her, as the area was super sensitive even years after her surgery. But that was only an issue for a short time. You adapt and learn. My only wish was that she was as accepting of her body as I was. That did cause some issues.

Poor guy, they say "It's not the size it's how you use it" unless you have jungle fever that is!

Talk to him about an open relationship, he might go for it.

LOL! Sorry! But speaking of small parts, once I find out that a man has a small part I dump him regardless of how "NICE" he is. Your story is exactly why.

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

It may be stupid, but I am just real. But then again, I am kind of a nymphomania. I've had sex with guys with small parts and its not attractive.