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Tuesday´s Routine

Today I realized a fact in my routine daily life.
I realized that every F**** Tuesday, I am so F**** Horny. and it is funny because Tuesdays is the most busiest day of the week for me. I have lectures from morning to evening.
and every week around 13:00 o´clock i get so horny until I go home and talk to my husband on the telephone, which talking to him turns me off.
And every Tuesday, I realized damn It has been really a long time I haven´t had sex. :(

How do you shut down your sexual feelings? how do I do it? and why every Tuesday. It is really bothering me

God I wish now, in this bloody cloudy city in the north Germany, was a very sexy man, who could satisfy me in the bed.
sometimes I think it is a dream that I can again have a good sex.

Back2Black Back2Black 26-30, F 3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

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Sister "einengel" has a couple of spare blokes at the moment.<br />
<br />
Shoot her a pm (she's in your jurisdiction) and she might be able to hook you up.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

he may not know what you like or want my suggestion would be to communicate what you want and need and same for him also discuss fantasies. He may be affraid to spice things up not knowing what you like or dislike. I hear women say alot they dont like to tell their man what to do they want one to take charge and thats fine for some but some may want a hint or suggestion.<br />
I suggested to my wife along time ago about a fantasy night once a month where we meet at hotel and play out a fantasy of hers one night and mine the next time. After I found out that was already going on with out me it was kinda dropped. Crack a whip and explore each other . just a suggestion

yeah but we all the time talk about sex. and I am a very open person about sex. I do not feel shy or uncomfortable to talk about it. but I am so confused.

I can see how this could be so frustrating for you. I'm kinda in the opposite situation we love each other so much but she rarely wants to have sex with me. Every time I look at her I get horny so I had to stop looking at her cause I felt like she didn't want it. What I find out that we get horny at times when we are in stressful moments... why you think make up sex is so popular for some couples even tho they might have a love hate relationship. Its our bodies defense in keeping us happy and its a survival instant that when we are stressed out that we are sure to reproduce to make sure humanity lives on. LoL my two cents and my thoughts on what you are going through.

Thank you for understanding me. and I am sorry first for my husband and then for you that you both are in a hard situation . I do not want to be in this way but I just can not allow him any more to touch me and thinking of having a boring sex again, actually stops me of being attracted to him.

So he is boring in bed..... assuming that he either is to fast in bed or just has no feeling.... or maybe he doesn't know what to do...... funny thing is I ask questions to make sure my wife is pleasured BUT she hates it when I talk cause it turns her off.... so its hard. Why not spice things up a bit yourself... do some role playing or imagine him as someone else...... why do both of you have to suffer if there is true love there than both you will find away to make it fun...... you say boring.... not sure how to help since that is such a broad statement. Is he just not attractive....? Explain.... if you can...