Hi I'm arabic man I'm 27 years old, still living at home and living a double life. I'm looking for someone in a similar situation to me where nobody knows that I'm gay. My parents pressure me in finding a woman and get married. I'll never tell my family because they will disown me. It's coming to a stage in my life where I can't do it anymore and I just wanna live my life without hurting anybody, specially my family. I'm looking for a respectfull and honest man or woman guy who I can support as well as he can support me and be there for each other . If you think you are the right person send me a message please!always sad feel lonely ,but no one could hear me
26-30, M
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Please don't agree to a marriage and put your wife in the position of being a woman in a sexless marriage and wondering what's wrong with her that her husband doesn't want her. Or if you must, see if you can find a nice lesbian who also wishes to hide who she is.

hope ican find her thx

I think I can understand your dilemma<br />
I have lived in Jordan for over 30 years and know the culture well.<br />
You are suffering and am sorry about that<br />
I actually know some gay men here and they have "Come Out" to their families and it is o.k.<br />
Sometimes families-even Muslim believers-can be surprisingly understanding and compassionate.<br />
Perhaps it is a matter of time but you cannot keep this to yourself forever.<br />
Would living and working in Europe or America be an option.<br />
As I write this am thinking of one friend.He is loved and respected by all.<br />
At the risk of sounding arrogant would also add that usually Gay men here do better when the families are from the Upper Middle Class.<br />
They have more freedom<br />
I know I will annoy many with this statement but culture,family and social standing play a big part in everything here.<br />
Wishing you love and luck

thx for sharing me my problem

I hope this forum disowns you. Wrong Topic group to post. You are looking for RSVP, Plenty of Fish etc.

Ironic really when you consider the one common theme of this group appears to be wanting to be understood. Sometimes no matter what you think it is just best to keep it to yourself. That way you avoid the risk of people drawing the wrong conclusions about you.