Sexless Marriage On Financial News

LNG and I always have tea and dessert while watching CBC's "The National".

I nearly fell off the couch last night when the financial panel veered of into a brief discussion of sexless marriage.

Basically, financial expert Preet Banerjee said that when a couple take on housing costs beyond their means, it can cause stress, marital strife, leading to loss of love and loss of sex. Watch Peter Mansbridge and the other panelists react! The SM bit starts at about 05:30 into the broadcast.

Seriously, I think it's great that this was spoken about openly and seriously, even if the other panelists were a bit flustered.

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Happened to us, for sure. My wife married me for security. She didn't know it at the time and neither did I. I married her for love and had expected that detail had occurred to her as well. I figured it out after about 25 years, and that being about 20 years after I had left my "secure" job. The day I left that job was the day she started turning her back on me.

Yeah, that happened to me too. Just reverse the gender roles Women aren't the only ones who marry for security or benefits or money. Some men do it too.

How awful; I am so sorry...

Stay firm on your decisions; let money be tight and have a "no frills" attitude.

My Exh did; my son's father wanted a "sugar mommy" so while we were STILL married he committed bigamy with her; she is a nurse to take care of his sorry (possible M.S.) a**. I feel sorry for her...

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Even when our marriage was clearly in trouble, my ex longed for a bigger, fancier, newer house. WTF?

I can relate to this but I am dealing with an undiagnosed BPD...makes things doubly hard; not in the way that is pleasant that is.

Right up until "I" was in these shoes, I had no idea of how common on this issue was.

Good for him for speaking up - and the advice generally seemed good - what price money?<br />
<br />
It's interesting that there was that level of flusterdom, maybe people are inhibited about speaking out about it as a curse.<br />
<br />
I've always found it strange the western obsession on unaffordable housing which they think will be a money-maker, having lived in poor places. People don't realise that it ultimately costs us all, govenments like it because it traps the serfs in a place they can't escape & they can get taxed easily. And does not really make for a good quality of life.

Buy a house because you want to live there.

There's a whole move away from the bigger is better mindset towards tiny houses and simple lifestyles - one or two bedroom small, snug and efficient dwellings with garden space. Not good if you are an addictive WalMart shopper.

Both me and the libido-less hubby are extremely careful with money and do not over-extend. :-)

Ha! :-)

Pfft! Tea all over my keyboard....