because there is so much femme in me
always found sex a chore
had it twice with my first wife!! got pregnant both times!!
i have a great time with my b/fs and love taking it but I hardly ever come
oh well, there is more to life than sex (is there?)
christinemelody christinemelody
56-60, T
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Sex is for both people and not for the pleasure of just one. Your partners male or female should be trying to make you as happy as you make them.<br />
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Yes there's more to life than sex, but that's a fun part if done right.

There is more than sex, but that is a big part of life hon. And doing things that sexually arouses you and feeling erotic and sensual are very important. And being a CD/TG you should be expressing your feminine sexuallity more than a real woman would Then I think you will find sex is important.

I'm sure you would think different if become the woman you need to be.

i wuld like to hope so

Uh, what? Yikes.

There is more to life than (insert your choice here).<br />
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Yet lifes contents involve things we may not prefer, and other people DO prefer.<br />
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Particularly in a relationship, you embrace all that that involves, or you reject it all. You don't get to pick out just the bits that suit you.<br />
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Tread your own path.