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Not been on EP in a long while but i am back....and guess what...still in this sexless marriage thing. it sux.

the other night i really needed to be close to my wife. All i wanted was to have five minutes of just lying in bed next to her, feeling close to her and just feeling loved and wanted for a split second. But i got the cold shoulder. I asked why and got the reply ' I don't want too' . So pushed a little more to find out why and i got ' because i dont' want too'

So when i really needed her she refused me. I did not want sex at all. Just to spend a moment with her so i can feel valued, loved and needed. It is basic human need to feel loved and accepted, respected and appreciated. But no...rejected again.

How can a person say i love you but not even care to sepnd 5 min with the person they profess to love...why?
Where has the love gone?

Just some light humor from me :o)

"Anyone out there looking for a late 75 model, hardly driven with very low millage. All original parts and will give you years of loyal service. This model has all the spec needed for a loving, giving relationship. Current owner does not give me the tlc need to keep ship shape"

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Look forward to the day when you can say "I don't want to.... be in this 'marriage'".

So in this "long while" you've been absent, what sort of choices - different to the ones you used make - have you trialled ??<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

Just red your story <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> <br />
Do you need more evidence, that you are not wanted? IMHO you are in denial... Your situation is plain and obvious, you just don't want to face reality... You are a man in your prime, get out of this damaging situation....

I think the main problem, you, guys are too good, too patient and too tolerant... I split up with my first husband for good after two subtle "I don't want to".... First was "Can't you see I am eating?" and the second was "Can't you see I am watching TV?" <br />
Never looked back.... Thinking I could still be there with that attitude 20 years later gives me shivers down my spine..... Just curios, was your wife caring, friendly, sensual and affectionate all the time, but suddenly changed?

OMG That is funny, I am actually due for an upgrade but the dealer didn't want my banged up oldsmobile to trade so I had to renew the lease for another **** year.