So Sweet

There is not a single day that goes by that my husband doesnt tell me that he loves me.He sometimes even calls me when he is at work just to see how i'am .We may not be perfect but we are happy.I'am truly blessed when i look at my children and think about our live, i realize how lucky i'am.
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Your husband is indeed an amazing man, and you're incredibly lucky.<br />
<br />
Perhaps you could spend more time telling him you love him & looking after him & your children? And yourself?

you are a sad lonely woman. I feel sorry for you. You have to try and get a rise out of people to provide yourself with any sort of pleasure. Don't post any comments stating that this woman makes you mad. That is what she gets off on! Best wishes and luck to you Destiny. You need all that you can get!

If you are happy with the state of affairs despite the absence of sex, then you are not strictly in a sexless marriage. I think that sexless marriage only applies to a mismatch of affection. Since you have a match then there is no problem.<br />
Enjoy your life!

Destiny your husband constantly calls you from work to cover the fact that he is hooking up with others, and to throw you off his scent. <br />
<br />
Have you seriously given any thought to how happy he really is with you? Because if your nature at home is anything like what you display here i fear for the poor man.

Destiny,<br />
<br />
Why are you posting here? Do you honestly think you are adding value or giving us insights? If your marriage is so great, then why on earth do you keep getting on the computer and checking out "I Live in a Sexless Marriage." Sounds like you have doubts to me!!! (Or is your life so empty and meaningless, you have nothing better to do with your time? )) No offense, but your irritating everyone. If you have suggestions to help others, do so. Otherwise, kindly shut up.

Suggestion: Instead of wasting your time on the ILIASM website, take a course at a local grammar and punctuation course at a local YMCA or something. That gesture alone, especially if you learned how to write, would go far to reducing our pain level.l

You are right. I sincerely apologize for telling anyone to "kindly shut up." EP is for everyone, and obviously SOMETHING is bothering Destiny. That something is just obfuscated. Sorry Destiny. (Also, I didn't realize when I wrote the above that you are in a SM! i.e., I didn't read your other posts. I just thought you were logging on to check out how unhappy and sad and frustrated the rest of us our to make yourself feel better about your life.) I was wrong. You are actually in the same boat--but your attitude is different. I'm guessing it is different because of the reasons WHY your marriage lacks the physical component. Also, it sounds like you DO have emotional intimacy--unlike most here. Again, my sincere apologies. (I do wish, however, that you would pay more attention to punctuation.)

this crowd seems to be very territorial when it comes to this group. people that feel that protective over a group on a website, somethings not right there.

When it comes to writing and misspellings, etc., I am one of the worst offenders. I should proof read what I write, but I'm always in a hurry. I have become more sensitive to this though, because I realize how hard it is to read postings where, for example, the writer NEVER uses a period. Postings where it's just one run-on "sentence" are distracting. Just sayin....

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as i've said before, he sounds like a real gem and you don't find those everyday. i'm glad to know that some women are fortunate in love :) too often i hear about, witness or experience the flip side.

jealous because no one does it for you, don't have any friends? too bad, boo boo. i'll tell you what i told someone else recently: lay off the haterade, it's not good for you lol

I have a theory: Jerrica and Density are the same person.

oh yes, didn't you know? actually all of the people in my circle are me. i have 101 different accounts lol

here is on of my alter egos, sparklingdiamonds! ugh, work for you and go to another job tonight?? lol

LOL! i see your point, don't want to neglect anyone.

101 profiles and dalmations! see what a busy girl i am? lol

she wishes we were the same person lol

yeah, they're stupid and they can go **** themselves. one of them said i was a nasty piece of work so i might as well live up to expectations lol

you're a great friend too :)

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