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I just love sex. Not that I am sleeping with many men. I only have slept with my hubby. My husband has been suffering from cervical spondiliasis, another word for serious neck injury. Doctors had advised him to go for physiotheraphy and he is not in favour of surgery as he is still young (36years old). Each time we have sex i try not to hold him as he gets pain instantly on his neck. N wen he gets pain there is no way he can continue. I have tried everything but its just not seem to be working. I am feeling quite depressed about it and thinking of other ways of helping him to have his pain relieved. I hope anyone who could help me in this situation. My mind is always wondering about affairs but I dont have the guts to do it as I know that its wrong. I need advice. I am going crazy here. Thank you.
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If you reckon this is a medical problem then you'd be best to google that and see what you find.<br />
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If you think he is overplaying this malady, then you are in the right place.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Cervical spondylosis seems to be a chronic condition where the prospects of it continuing to deteriorate are all too real and with very limited and rudimentary therapeutic options available. It sounds particularly unfortunate to be suffering from it at his age. It seems there are few options available short of surgery which seems primitive and unpredictable as far as outcomes are concerned. What can he do to try to do to alleviate the symptoms from the point of view of his lifestyle? What advice has he had in respect of that, apart from being prescribed painkillers? As far as sex is concerned it is going to only be viable when he is not at a physical low ebb and in pain and as others have said you would need to find positions that allowed his head to be supported and stabilized. Check www.sexinfo101.com for some practical advice about possible positions. Searching for "cervical spondylosis and intercourse" on Google brought nearly a million hits. The vast majority of these are going to be useless but it depends on how determined you both are. I would have thought the female superior positions would have been the obvious starting point for research and trying to avoid any natural instinct to lift his head while lying on his back would also be unwise. It is going to require a lot of awareness and co-operation on your part to get anywhere.

Thx dear....

Have you tried acupuncture?

I would say a neck brace, that sounds terrible, I had a stiff neck for 2 days and I couldn't function as it caused head aches, dizziness and irritating the heck out of me.<br />
Oh if you have the money they sell those swing you can hang in your bedroom, and you are suspended in air and he can move you around literally like a rag doll lol with no effort at all.<br />
Good luck hun

Thanks dear.....We had bought those neck brace.It was working quite well on him at first but now the pain is always there. He cant drive long distances too...

... Then you need a swingamadoodle!

As a chronic pain patient (I have severe back injuries from a rollover car accident) I know how hard it can be to get comfortable. <br />
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And I'm sure he is depressed by it. Being in pain is as much a mental process as a physiological one. I don't mean that to say "it's all in his head" rather, that it is cumbersome to think about pain. Perhaps he would be willing to see a pain interventialist? <br />
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Or perhaps you can expierement with positions or places that will allow him more stability for his neck? The recliner, or a chair? The important thing is to remember that this is not a reflection of you. Best of luck.

...Tell everyone how you really hurt your back, swinging off that poor chandelier...Joking.

I know, it wasn't the chandelier tho, it was the dancing on the bar that did it! 😝

...You bad girl LOL

I would ask his doctor. He may have a solution.

All the doctors give him are painkillers but even that is not helping him nowadays. Im hoping that miracle would happen..