Where Are They?

Somewhere there are women with at least a touch of libido. And there are men who really want intimacy beyond sex. They need to find each other. Otherwise, we can all rest in the fact that no sex is better than bad sex.

Maybe we should all go back to being single, with red hot affairs that last (you know it and I know it) about 60 days, like clockwork. When I was 52, even a 27-year-old girlfriend was wise enough to know that. Painful breakups but that's the price one pays for at least feeling alive from time to time -- opportunities to at least create memories.

But even good matchups go bad. Am reading again, "Mating in Captivity." It's better even the second time.

Feeling emotionally numb at 38, 48 or 58 can be one thing. Try it at 68. Good reason to revisit history, literature, books and videos and the like.

There's more to the story -- but it will stay at home, where it belongs.

But there's a degree of comfort in knowing, thanks to this site, that we are not alone.
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

I fantasise that the non-sex people could all be shipped off to the Antipodes - but then that's already taken (pace Enna & Bazz and other denizens of those realms).

just when you thought it was saffe to go back in the water....

Love the comment about captivity, marriage and relationships resemble this line of thinking more and more. So many are simply inadequate on so many levels. The non-marriage relationships can be extremely problematic as well, I guess we all have to get our needs met in bite-sized portions.

I am the hot and horney wife whose husband thinks there is something wrong with me. He said "well we had sex in January". Actually his memory is wrong, we did not. Where can I meet someone? BTW I am 50 but I look good and I would be gone in a minute if not for the kids. He keeps telling them I want to sleep around!