God Gave Me An Angel

by Bob and Linda
The US Navy brought me to Long Beach, CA from Florida. One of the first things I wanted to do is find a church that believes the way I do. Garfield Baptist Church had a choir with a beautiful angel in it. I found out her name was Linda. I also found out she was kind of going with someone else. Being one not to interfere with others I opted not to approach her about a date. I asked Herb, a friend of mine at Garfield about another young lady named Carol. Herb said, "Go ask Linda out on a date." I finally did and went steady with her for three years before asking her to marry me. When I proposed I set her down on a swing in the garden department of Cal Stores, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes. That was 34 years ago. God knows what He is doing. Trust and talk to Him.
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Dear Bob and Linda,<br />
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Your God listens when he wants to. He chooses to help some but not others. How does that work?<br />
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We are happy that you are happy now move it along!!!

With all this evil in the world how can there not be a god. im sorry the world has been so cruel to you god bless

You sir, are a true basket case. Nothing wrong with that as long as you strictly keep it to yourself. If you uttered this same message but instead of mentioning God had mentioned your imaginary little friend, Barry, who follows you every where you go, even now as I type this the officials in coats would be taking you away firmly by each arm, out of harm's way.<br />
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Somehow, because of an historical legacy you can get away with it in this context and this context only. If there is anything worse than an out-and-out troll, it is a religious troll. Can you not find sufficient satisfaction in proselytising from the pulpit on a Sunday to those who want to hear your message, rather than impose your ugly presence on those who do not? Shame on you!

God allowed 200,000 people to die in the asian tsunami - as if he cares about Bob and Linda, or any other individual.<br />
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It is of course hard to care about anybody if you don't exist - there is no evidence for a god. And from a human perspective, it's so important to be happy in this one and only life. If you realise that it's all you have and there's nothing on the other side, then it becomes doubly important not to dwell on unhappy situations, and take action to rectify them.

Maybe your arent listening to the answer he has given to you. The Lord is about love, peace, and happiness. He wants you to be happy so do something about it only you can

The Lord wants you to be happy and if your not happy then maybe you should. Im sorry for your pain

Yes, this is off topic and appears an attempt at "ministering" to us? <br />
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Sorry Bob and Linda, but I went down your road for many years. The angel I proposed to so many years ago continues to break my heart on a daily basis. The constant refusal seems almost sadistic. Lately I have tried prayer again after a long drought in prayer and guess what, same answer! Nada, zip, zilch, no dice! I am convinced there is a God, I feel we are way too complicated a design to be accidental, but I am pretty damn sure that removing me from this living hell and healing my marriage in NOT on His to do list! How ironic that the concepts of marriage the church espouses are tragically broken for most of us here. <br />
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Sorry to unload on you, but I asked, begged, and pleaded with God on my knees and through tears for years, and his answer has been no, and my wife's answer has been to make things worse. I am glad you have a good marriage, please don't rub it in our faces as we suffer in ours. <br />
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Hey everyone - juicy gossip!!!<br />
Bob and Linda in Long Beach who attend Garfield Baptist no longer are gettin' any sex in their marriage!!!<br />
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Anyone want to look up that churchs coordinates and send them an important update on the state of Bob and Lindas marriage with a link to this forum article!?<br />
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Congrats Bob and Linda, sexless reps of Garfield Church!! why doncha post your pics too???