Even After Leaving.

sometimes it feels like the pain wont go away..
we have been separated for a year almost. and he still finds ways to hurt me..
he took our son in the store three weeks ago and the lawyers and the cops .. etc are still trying to get him back to me
i dont go out much around town for the fear of dealing with his goons... the relationship im in right now is constantly being in
jeopardy. .. ARgh.. still controlling my life even thought we are thru and he has moved on.. .. Not to mention my self esteem issues .. i am constantally needing reassurance from new partner just to feel like i mean something..
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Hi, I am new here, so please don't take this the wrong way; I came here needing advice but your problem sounds much more dire than mine and so I wanted to make what contribution I could. That all being said: One of the things that jumped out at me in your post is that you are involved with someone else although you are still, by your admission, suffering from severe emotional issues from your past relationship. It may be that this new relationship is helping you feel more secure/loved, but beware: it is never a good idea to ba<x>se your happiness and self worth on a single relationship. It might be better to give yourself the time you need to be happy with yourself again before committing to someone. Just a thought - I hope everything works out for the best :)

A judge will not look fondly on a kidnapping record...<br />
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I hope your son is safe and will be with you soon.

Get the kid back and get lost........run far away!!!!

If he has goons, you need to get into protective custody. No one has goons unless they are really, really dangerous. Do consider arming yourself, do consider moving far away, do consider keeping those new partners around 24/7 until you feel the threat is gone.

Be careful how you handle the situation with your new partner. No point in alienating them if they end up feeling like a voyeur at a circus act.<br />
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He is really determined to have his revenge, to have the final word, and as you say, still control you. Don't ever, ever, let him see that he has the satisfaction of that or to hear about it from anyone else.<br />
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Is he working? If he is, he will be easy for law enforcement to track. Do you think he is much of a planner? If he is not, his deception won't be that grand.<br />
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I hope that your kid gets back to you soon. That sounds better than "you get your kid back". That makes him sound like some sort of trophy to be fought over. Not nice.

Oh my god. I hope they get your son back to you right away. What an *******. Do you have to stay in the same town?

i wont know for sure where i will be able to go . but i think if i stay in the same county i will be okay under the law. My first instinct is to get my son and take off running as far as i can but. i know that is not logical

Maybe not, but I definitely understand the urge.