He Does Not Mind About Me

Am used the way he reacts when we are in the bed ,he face on other side and i also face on the other side because i got used when ever he comes back he does not want to kn ow how i feel.
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26-30, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

I am sorry for that loneliness you experience.You could find someone to confide in,to share how you feel and for support.That will not directly fix what is wrong but it can help you.<br />
You could build up your courage then go straight to him and tell him what needs to be said.<br />
I hope something good happens for you,you deserve to be loved and shown intimacy by your spouse.Thank you for sharing.

thanks so much but i when ever i try to talk to him ,he is like careless he does not mind unless he feels like having sex then he gives me attention am there to work on his feelings.

what can i do if i am not loved am a reserved person .i need some one to understand me ,what can i do?