I Know We Have A Number Of Issues, But Why Did The Sex Stop?

After I became pregnant the sex stopped.... For good. He alway had some excuse ... I'm tired or I have to wake up early in the morning.., we attempted sex a few times, but it wasn't what I would call sex. He always wanted me on top and I was the one who initiated it.. We have been sleeping in two separate rooms since my daughter was born. My daughter still wakes up in the night so it's easier to check on her of her crib is in my room. He says he needs his sleep so he sleeps on the other room, but sometimes my daughter and I will go into his room. I know other fathers that sleep with their children and wife in the same bed. He won't even sleep in the same room. Even on weekends when he doesn't have to work the following day.

When we had sex in the past I would have to get on top... And he would be the one who was satisfied. He never really thought about me. It was always about him.. In the past, I didn't mind bc I wanted to make him happy but things have changed... I need to make myself happy.

He doesn't kiss me anymore either. I don't kiss him. But I notice that he kisses my daughter in a sexual manner on the cheek ... If that's even possible. I think that so so weird. He used to nibble her ear and I told him that was something he shouldn't do. He got mad and said he can do watever he wants bc he is her father. As far as I
Know it stopped, but who really knows.

Im not even a super sexual person... Sec or having someone kiss me would be great, but right now i just want someone to hold me at night if anything...
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I am afraid that you are the person who will not do anything... You got clear opinions to your previous post, but you just did not make any conclusions from that.... Asking endless WHY will not help... You are in the dangerous situation and your daughter too.... I hope very much that I am wrong...

I've learned that a mother's instincts are right on most of the time and you need to trust them. Protecting your daughter is important but you can't protect her unless you protect yourself as well.<br />
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Sexlessness is the least of your marital issues. Unfortunately, you married a man who is narcissistic and lacking compassion or empathy. His ideal mate would be someone whose self-esteem is so battered, any crumb of attention would be better than nothing. That's not you. You're way smarter and more thoughtful than that. <br />
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Love yourself and move into your life.

You need to run first and ask questions later. It IS possible he is sexually attracted to children ; or not - either way, like we all said before, he is ABUSING YOU and likely abusive to your daughter in future. <br />
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Get away, protect yourself & your daughter. Hundreds of women and children die every year at the hands of men like your husband. Get out now.