I live in a sexless marriage and I have no one to blame but myself and my circumstances. I’ve always had a terrific sex life until 1986 when my previous wife died in a car accident. Since then I have become completely impotent. In the past few years my penis has shrunk even though I didn’t think that was possible. I found out gaining twenty pounds didn’t help. Most of the time, my penis is inverted. When it’s not, it’s .5 inches, just the head. A few years ago I had a Prostectomy. Hence the three strikes…plus: way too short now, can’t begin to get an erection, can’t ********* and lately I think I’m becoming incontinent.

I remarried seven years ago and have a wonderful wife. She see’s to my needs when necessary and never mentions the lack of a sex life. She was previously married 24 years so I can imagine what she knows she’s missing. On very rare occasions we do engage in oral sex, but there is no foreplay and the max is usually 15 minutes. When we were first married the small amount of sexual variety we did have was frequent and wonderful. But for about the last few years it is really non existent.

It’s impossible not to blame myself because she is a good looking normal woman who looks quite a bit younger with obvious sexual needs. She has not cheated nor bothered to look elsewhere and I feel extremely lucky to have found someone who can put up with my inabilities. I don’t really know how to end this post except to say if someone is in a similar situation and reads this, maybe they won’t feel so alone as I do.
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You said you became impotent and your **** disappeared. How?? Have you had this checked out by a doctor?

OK........! It seems I should clarify a few things here. I had no idea what a Troll was till I Googled it. It seems the definition fits the amount of response this post received although that was not my intention. My intention was solely the last sentence! The reason I feel lonely is because it's hard to forget the kind sex life I had before 1986. As mentioned, it is strictly my doing; unwittingly. Call it an act of faith or whatever. My wife and I are perfectly happy in our seven year relationship. She supports me in anything I might try to do, regardless, which is one of the reasons I wish I could satisfy her more. But one of my consolations is that early on in our marriage, one night she happened to mention that in 24 years of her previous marriage there was no spontaneity on her husbands part concerning oral sex. And she never reciprocated with him. During that conversation she happen to mention that "You make me feel like a real woman". I'm not blowing my own horn here. She's a Russian Biologist and they have a completely different mind set and culture over there. I hope this clears the air for those Troll loving posters. Comments still welcome.

In the event you aren't a troll, I agree with the old saying I've heard from many a guy... "I might have a 2 inch ****, but I've got a 9 inch tounge". <br />
<br />
Use what ya got, right?!?<br />
<br />
And hie thee to a doc, ASAP

Call me a cynic, but ...... shark-fin guy??? Is that you???