The Cold Embers Of Time.

I think we assume time will change people. Nature vs nurture has to come down on the side of nurture at some point.
My wife is not a bad person, we have arguments, fall outs, silence. I think we are different and with time these differences have become more apparent.
I have always loved sex, foreplay, role play sexual adventure. I feel with my wife it was always reluctant. Missionary sex when she felt in the mood. This was never enough. We have discussed but she is just too repressed. Maybe it is genetic, her mother is a nice person but not very warm and certainly not tactile at all.
It has now come down to a coldness, lonely coldness.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Do you trust your wife?

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You are beginning to confront the harsh realities of sexually incompatible people. It sounds like it's always been true and it's not likely anything will change it. Some things just are and we humans have a hard time accepting what is.<br />
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There are few choices - stay and accept, leave, or cheat. All are difficult and have their own consequences. Where you start is by telling the truth to her. You tell her how you really feel, what you want and put a time fr<x>ame on it. If she doesn't want sex, there's nothing you can do to make her want it; that impetus needs to come from within her. <br />
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In the meantime, keep reading and writing here and get into personal therapy. It really does help. Given all the groups you've joined here, your sexuality is not likely to diminish - quite the opposite. As someone wisely and aptly stated here on EP, "sex people should be with sex people". That may be your bottom line, but it's important to do the footwork so when you finally make a decision, you do so without regret.