Got To Admit I Had Never Heard That Excuse Before

I was feeling a bit, shall we say, anxious, last night. I mean, after all it had been since August of last year since anything has happened. As a matter of fact I am lucky enough to have two notches in the last 25 months. I had asked a few times but mostly I have given up because I was sick of the rejection. Nothing to make you feel oh so special than that "I have a headache....I'm tired...gthere is a lot going on at work....etc" Well, anyway it took me 5 times before I had the nerve to ask the question. I bet not one of you have heard this one yet....."OMG...I can't! My allergies are so bad today I can't open my eyes!" "Well, you don't open your eyes when we do it anyway." "No!"

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Ha-ha...I haven't let on that I know yet, but I found "Thirty Shades of Grey" on her night stand (upside down, with another book over it). Call me crazy, but I am just going to wait and see if "anything" comes up. I have been told there is no way she can read that book an not "have the urge". So, I'll just wait. I expect there will be no approach by her, so I will at some point "find" the book and hold it up to her and say "I thought you didn't like sex? Really, it is just sex with me correct?" Or something like that.....

And if I were offered sex in such a situation I'd say "Hot diggity dog, no need for the blindfold tonight, I can't open my eyes anyway....have at it." .

It's been better than three years for me. "It's uncomfortable"; or, "it hurts" could be ligit given a far past surgery for a cyst, not to mention "inappropriate" touching occurrence in childhood. My question - why aren't you looking into these issues then? I'm staying in it though because of our little one. I came from a split home and won't do that to her. There's no ill energy in the home and we all have a lot of fun, so it's working. Curious to see what happens come retirement though, which is also when our little one is finished with school.

"There's no ill energy in the home..." Ahhh.... Are you certain of that? I bet your kid will say otherwise in a heartbeat.

You must care a lot to still be there despite the situation. You are obviously a very loyal person!

Eat her ***** while she sleeps, wake her up with a ******. If that don't change things then she's ******* somebody else.



Pffttt! That's cold...

I've had hay fever so bad that I've not been able to go to work...and it becomes difficult to breathe. It COULD be a legitimate excuse. But nothing feels like a worthy excuse when you're constantly turned down.

shes playing with you. you said shes much younger than you, and she had breast surgery as well? can i ask you a bold question ba<x>sed on assumption.... are you well off (financially)?

Open marriage?

I actually did have to stop once because of allergies...but there is a big difference between hay fever and anaphylaxis. Damn cherries.

Amusing, none the less annoying.

I get it around once per month (usually less than enthusiastic, pity sex), and I'm considering having an affair. I don't know how you stay in a marriage when physical intimacy is at that level. Wow... twice in 25 months - I'd be going outta my mind!

I feel your pain. No i haven't heard that one, but it does not surprise me. The refuser's book of excuses is endless.<br />
<br />
Perhaps it is time you had an honest talk with your wife and laid out a few home truths on the table. ***** what your role is in the marriage and if you are happy with it.<br />
<br />
If not perhaps it is time you gave some thought about totalling up the bill for her actions and presenting it to her.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

Though I'm an old b*****d, she is much younger than me. Got three kids under 14. Already did the D thing in the first marriage (had a similar problem with the 1st...that's why I found the 2nd. It was great for awhile. It must be me I guess) and missed a lot with the first kids. It's not happening again. It might be the right thing to do for many of you, but not for me. I'm not leaving these kids until they put me in the ground.

So sorry to hear that mayb u guys need a different scenery

So when are you going to experience the correct allergic reaction to her?


Any reason or excuse other than the obvious; we shouldn't really be married any longer. You could always ask her what she would do if she won the lottery tomorrow. There is just a SLIGHT chance you might get close to the truth then.